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Nest European Toys & Home

Nest is a family-owned and operated small business, based in Ottawa, Canada. Owners Lisa & John-Paul take great care in selecting products that are sustainably made, aesthetically-pleasing, and of enduring quality. We used to have a store in the ByWard Market, but now we are selling online only, although we try and accommodate visits to our warehouse for pick-up or to see items in person, arranged ahead of time.

The majority of the products sold at Nest are made in Europe or North America. Many of them are from smaller ‘cottage industry’, work-at-home-moms or husband-and-wife team businesses; some are from social support projects; some from part-time crafters and hobbyists. All are guaranteed to delight!

Nest sources only from companies with a very strong commitment to the environment and social equity. Almost all of the textiles nest offers for sale are ecological cotton, organic wool, and silk free from chemical processing. This means that a high regard for ecology has been maintained through every stage of manufacturing – for example, in the case of the wool, this regard is evident from the land the sheep graze on and livestock management, to the dying and processing of the wool itself.

New Edinburgh • Ottawa, Ontario K1M 2B6
Phone: (613) 241-7333