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Rent A Toy, LLC

At you’ll discover a new way to play an active role in your child’s development and education.

Founded by The Algarin Family - dad Carlos, mom Helen and three spirited little ones - rentAtoy is a place for the whole family. From newborn to toddler through their elementary years, the list of options for children’s toys and playtime activities goes on and on.

In an effort to make sense of all the choices and find only the best toys for their children, Carlos and Helen set out to bring the best of the best together in one convenient and easy-to-navigate location.

At rentAtoy your choices and means for finding meaningful toys for your child has been simplified. From the comfort of your own home, you’re able to provide your children with toys and playtime activities that will challenge their imaginations, inspire their creativity and keep them engaged all while staying within your budget.

The busy bees at rentAtoy have taken care of the hard part. They’ve tested their inventory to make sure their toys will engage your child while meeting educational standards. Now it’s your turn to have some fun! Explore rentAtoy’s varied toy selection, discover new ways to engage your child and take an active role in growing the brightest future possible for your child.

1827-B Main Street • San Diego, California 92131
Phone: (949) 547-7178
Fax: (858) 566-6233