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We were some very frustrated parents when we started this company in 2003. The infant and children’s products industry is filled with not-so-inspiring items that we just didn’t want around our kids. Where were all of the “Great Products” that should be out there? Instead of inspiring designs, we found cheap, plastic, throw-away products. Months of searching did turn up a handful of fabulous things, but nobody was offering them as a cohesive collection. There is probably a good reason for this - but since we couldn’t find it, we started Sparkability.

We’re still frustrated, and we’re still parents, but this business has helped us and others surround our children with products that demonstrate our values and our love. We hope that more and more parents will come to the realization that we teach our kids our values through the products that we do (and don’t) purchase for them. So even if you don’t buy it from us - buy your child something really, really wonderful.

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