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When my first son was born, I was one of those moms who never even considered cloth diapering. It conjured up notions of dunking and swirling and big buckets of bleach. To me and every mother I knew, cloth diapering was a thing of the past.

For months my family endured the expense of purchasing “economy” size boxes of disposable diapers and overloading our giant garbage can with stinky, throw-away diapers. It wasn’t until I had a conversation with a family member about the wasteful nature of disposable diapers and calculated how much we were spending on them that I decided to look into cloth diapering.

I have to admit that I was skeptical that I’d find anything that met my needs as a busy mom who hates laundry. I refused to even consider pins or anything that would overwhelm me or my husband in any way. Then I found pocket diapers. I couldn’t get over how SIMPLE they appeared to be, so I ordered one and put it to the test.

When our first cloth pocket diaper arrived, I was impressed by how incredibly soft it was and how easy it was to put on my son. I felt great knowing that his little bum was wrapped in something so comfy. I was nervous through every step of the trial, but the wear, wash, and reuse all went just as I’d read they would…simply!

Since the diaper’s absorbent insert was located beneath the cushiony inner lining, moisture was trapped and kept away from my son’s skin. He and the diaper felt dry to the touch even though he’d soaked the absorbent insert. We used the pocket diaper to run errands around town, for nap time, and even - gasp - overnight with success! I found the diaper easy to apply and remove and so did my husband. Even the dirtiest diaper was not the big ordeal that I’d imagined it would be. Simply put, our trial was a success and our family was converted!

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