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AB SPOON showroom

We represent contemporary apparel for kids. We bring you collections varying from the ultra modern to vintage inspired and classically cool to hip street wear. Our designers have uniquely combined “kid” elements with contemporary styling creating clothing that’s stylish, comfy and fun!

We invite you to stop in for a quick viewing of our fantastic collections!

Pink Chicken l Munster l Kit+lili l Siaomimi l Neige l Zingaro l 4funky flavours l Pink Tomatino l Cupcakes+Pastries l Go Gently Baby Joahlove l Oopers l The Little Seed l Ismodern l Anthem of the Ants l Petite Miette l Egg by Susan Lazar l Gobble l Lucky Wang

110 East 9th Street • Suite A677 • Los Angeles , California 90079
Contact: Beatriz Stripling
Phone: (213) 688-9590
Fax: (213) 688-9614