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Abby Williams / Cutie Pyes

Cutie Pyes showroom is located at 9539A Metcalf in the old Metcalf South Shopping Mall, 95th Street and Metcalf Avenue, Overland Park, KS. The new Mart is located in the Middle Floor. The best entrance for Cutie Pyes is on the Metcalf Avenue side at the bank of doors next to Macy’s. Use the 66212 zip code if you are using a GPS for directions

Below is the tentative summer/fall schedule of shows. Please check back frequently for any updates or changes to the show schedule. More shows are being planned, so make sure to check back. More information about show sites will be added as plans are finalized.

April 6-7 - K.C. Apparel - Harrah’s Casino, North Kansas City, Main Ballroom. Contact Abby for an appointment or more details.

June 4-8 - Gift Mart of KC July 6-7 - Wichita, KS July 30- Aug. 3 - Gfit Mart of KC

Aug.3 -4 - Omaha, NE Aug. 10-11 - Des Moines, IA Aug. 17- 18 - St. Charles, MO.

Aug. 24-25 - Branson, MO August 31- Sept. 1 - Cedar Rapids, IA Sept. 21-22 - KC Apparel

Oct. 1-4 - Gift Mart of KC

6800 W. 115th St. • Suite #268 • Overland, Kansas 66211
Phone: (816) 392-9733
Fax: (913) 498-1677