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Diane and I have been representatives in the Rocky Mt. Region for many years. We take pride in our reputation of salesmanship and customer service and have a sales philosophy that is supportive of customer success. We maintain a showroom at the Denver Mart and travel the Rocky Mountain States (MT, WY, UT, ID, CO, NM, AZ) as well as participate in all of the regional markets. One of our established job descriptions it to research and seek out new lines from reputable manufacturers to present to our retail clients. We take pride in what we do and enjoy the relationships that we have developed with our retail friends.

Denver Merchandise Mart • 451 E. 58th Ave. Ste. 1419 • Denver, Colorado 80216
Contact: Kent or Diane Swee
Phone: (888) 995-1027
Local: (303) 295-1027
Fax: (303) 295-1028