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Vicki Teman / Vicki Teman & Company

Just like so many other working parents, I struggled to find that delicate balance between my family and my career. I searched and searched for the right opportunity that would allow me to devote time to my daughters as well as satisfy my desire to continue my career in fashion.

I finally chose to put my years of experience to work for me and to branch out on my own. I focused on companies that provide unique and innovative products for children and their families. Each line I represent is one that was started by moms and dads like us who identified needs in the children’s marketplace and brought these products to life in a very hip and stylish fashion.

I’m thrilled with the exciting opportunities that this venture has afforded me, and I love hearing all of the positive feedback I’ve gotten from satisfied parents. I’m proud to be able to offer such a wide array of fashionable – and functional – products.

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