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Adya International

Adya International has been a very passionate about the organic way of life, improving the lives of a lot of people and showing gratitude towards Mother Earth. Based in India , we humbly and graciously fold hands to the nature to bless us in all our endeavors. We are into 100 % organic garments production of both knits and wovens using environmental yarns such as cotton, bamboo, hemp, pine, banana fibers and Ahimsa Silk

We are direct manufacturers of hand spun organic cotton, also known as Organic Khadi. This is an absolutely one of its kind product and cannot even be compared to machine woven fabrics due to many reasons and employment. We use 100% chemical free natural herb based dyes over our fabrics. Patented formula-dyes are manufactured by herbs and natural products

1301/2 B-Wing, Bhawani Towers • A.S.Marg • Powai, Mumbai 400076 • India
Phone: 91-932145730
Fax: 91-2232718302