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Babini kuki

There’s a custom in Bulgaria - the grandmother knits a blanket as a gift for the newborn baby. Of course, most grannies finish their work much before the birth, making sure they have created the most beautiful blanket they are able to knit.

In fact, that is how the tradition has been passed down through the generations - the oldest and most skilled women passed their knowledge, their skill, their craft and that is how the art of hand knitting was preserved.

We have created a fashionable line of children’s blankets, which aren’t meant to make things easier for the grandmothers or to replace them in that regard. No. It’s just that even the youngest person has the right to be different, to feel comfortable and cozy.

Instead of traditional colours, we made use of all the colours of the rainbow to bring you our line of baby blankets which, other than being crafted to perfection, can satisfy even those who are the hardest to please. Just take a look and see how happy and content your baby looks.

Naturally, everything is hand made with authentic craftsmanship and unique, original designs. We aim to assist every family, every mother in giving their child the gift of something unique and priceless, like the child itself.

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