Edley Fabrics, Inc.

The Right Tulle for the Job.

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Edley Fabrics, Inc.

We manufacture, in the USA, nylon tulle. We sell our fabrics in large widths and small widths, for everything from kids apparel, to gift wrap for retail stores. Our mill has been in business since 1926. Visit us at www.edley.com for our fabrics, and at www.Tulle.net to see their applications.

We also manufacture 15 denier sheer and 40 denier opaque nylon tricot fabric.
We run a stock program on our tulle, having 67 colors in stock and also stock the 15 & 40 denier tricot, in colors. Custom colors are available.

P O Box 276127 • Boca Raton, Florida 33427-6127
Contact: Andrew Weinstock
Phone: (800) 874-2687
Local: (516) 933-7444
Fax: (516) 933-7555