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HHH Zipper

HHH Zipper aims to be the market leader in the global zipper industry demonstrating its advanced technology and educated experiences of the past quarter century.

HHH Zipper is not content with its present achievements but continues to improve product quality, to develop new products and to improve the added value of the products in various applications. Besides, we are well aware of the important function of the zipper in the field of fashion industry.

As a dynamic industrial identity, HHH Zipper is eager to adventure unexplored fields. Any fixed idea or prejudice cannot affect to our adventurous spirit.

A remarkable feature that makes us different from other competitors is that we are an environment friendly manufacturer who never uses harmful materials in the manufacturing process.

Are you looking for a reliable professional zipper manufacturer? HHH Zipper is the right choice.
We promise to think and to mange our business at the position of your esteemed customers, which will drive us to innovate technology and operation processes.

7F, HHH Building, • 236-3 Nung-dong • Kwangjin-gu, Seoul 143-180 • South Korea
Phone: 82-2-3437-1300
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