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RJL designs and supplies product identification packaging and labeling for retail and industrial customers across Canada, The United States, China, Hong Kong, and Eastern Europe. At retail, private brand packaging and labeling programs are designed in conjunction with in-store signage and advertising concepts in order to create immediately recognizable impact centers within the store. In addition to design and supply, RJL offers retailers a warehousing and distribution service where product packaging and labeling is inventoried at RJL locations and released to designated vendor factories. Monthly reporting of shipments to each vendor by package and label type is included.

At the industrial level, RJL has developed expertise in satisfying demanding packaging/labeling process applications and exotic printing requirements. Whether the objective is to maximize in-plant productivity through high speed application or whether to maximize retail “check-out” through consistent, high quality POS materials, RJL’s reputation for leading-edge technology is well known.

RJL introduced eTag (integrated hang tags) where brand imaging is on one side and price ticket and SKU data is on the other. Vendors from around the globe access RJL’s web page and input data using the data entry module. Alternatively, RJL integrates directly with retail systems to capture POS data. The data set is automatically cued into laser overprinting production equipment, which in addition to printing all information also identifies each change in data. The procedure is fully electronic and production is within a matter of hours. There is one low cost no matter how many changes in data there may be.

Retail and industrial clients are routinely producing products in various regions of the world. RJL has experienced significant growth as a result of its ability to provide packaging and labeling production to client plants or contractors in many of these regions. In this way, RJL clients benefit from obtaining maximum economies of scale by combining total volume requirements in one global production run where various plants can be drop-shipped as needed. In addition to achieving optimum economy, uniform quality is an inherent benefit where all packaging and labeling is produced to the highest quality standards regardless of clients’ multiple countries of origin.

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