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2012 Summertime Fun Spotlight

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New Mimicking Monkey. Soothing for All Seasons!

Just in time for the holidays, there is a new face in Cloud B’s Twilight Turtle & Friends™ Collection. Meet Mimicking Monkey, the huggable plush primate that encourages interactive play, relaxation and soothing sleep. Cloud B created Mimicking Monkey so parents can ease their child’s fears, which helps the child achieve a peaceful and deeper sleep. “Mimicking Monkey also helps ease separation anxiety,” said Anouk Zisa, director of marketing. “Mom and dad can record a comforting personal message and be a part of their child’s play and sleep routine while in another room or even outside of the home.” The Mimicking Monkey’s removable digital device offers three different sounds, including (“monkey fun,” “angel falls” and “lullaby,” the option for parents to create a personalized 10-second recording that replays every forty-five seconds over pre-recorded soundtracks. a 30-minute sleep timer, Velcro hands for securing to a crib or stroller and an illustrated storybook.

Founded in 2002, Cloud B is an award-winning manufacturer of products and accessories geared to “Helping Children Sleep.” All products, including the popular Twilight Turtle™ and Sleep Sheep™, are developed in consultation with an advisory board of “sleep experts” consisting of pediatricians, teachers and parents.