2013 Back-To-School Spotlight



Kathleen Dougherty
(714) 957-1114

Cachcach is still producing in the USA. We have been doing what we do best in the US since 1984. Manufacturing in the US is more costly than overseas but you get what you pay for. We make our sample line and we make our production garments so our product is the same quality as the samples you ordered from. Sure you pay a little bit more when producing here, but I think we make a reliably great product. With Cachcach you get cute stylish outfits with a special unique quality that attracts Mom’s and little ones with discerning tastes. We love what we do, and we love our product! We stand by it and have great customer service.

We presently are taking orders for Fall 2013, which delivers from June-October. Our minimums are moderate and we allow orders of ones across in a size range so that you can have variety without over stocking. Be prepared to sell out quickly though, because most often our product “sells right out of the box”. Order enough so you have something to hang!

Cachcach is made of attractive soft fabrics with big fashion detailing. We preshrink all of our knits, and all our fabrics, even fancies, are washable. We offer everything you need to complete an outfit from blankets and hats, to purses, clips and headbands. Cachcach is bound to be a customer favorite in your store!