No Slippy Hair Clippy®

2013 Gift Spotlight


No Slippy Hair Clippy®

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No Slippy Hair Clippy®, regarded as the premium hair accessories company for babies to girls, is proud to introduce their new 2013 collection. Founded on the no-slip concept, each hair clip is meticulously wrapped in Swiss velvet, so they stay snug and won’t slip out, but are super soft and comfy to wear.

The collection for 2013 boasts lots of bright colors, flowers and fun novelty hair clips, and a new versatile “changeable” nylon headband to interchange with bows and flowers. There are 3 types of clips offered: Mini velvet baby clips for little wisps of hair, velvet wrapped pinch alligator clips (the signature clippy that made them famous!) for babies to girls, and no-slip French clips for girls with more hair. Hair accessories make terrific gifts for girls of all ages, and sell all year!

NSHC’s soft stretchy headbands are becoming a fast favorite, where each band is made with a velvet lining to give a soft hold, with no irritating seams. There are flower choices in all sizes and cute baby bows® that adorn No Slippy® headbands.

You can request a login to view the entire wholesale collection online, or request a new color catalog to be mailed, simply email

Most orders ship within a week or two, just let them know if you need your order expedited.

No Slippy Hair Clippy®…making the world prettier, one girl at a time!