Main Profile


Proximity: Our collaborators are recognized and appreciated for their proximity with the ground. It is besides because we are in direct catch with the daily newspaper of our partners whom our pallet of service increases at the rate/rhythm of their needs.

Innovation: Our expertise and our offers are constantly in change and réinvention for better answering your waitings and those of the markets. Thus, STAY was one of the first to ensure the migration of its paper activities towards supports multi-media, in order to even more quickly serve the professionals who trust him.

Combativeness: STAY acquired a reputation of combativeness which makes it possible our teams to be recognized like forces proposal by the authorities or professional federations and to help you to instigate your markets.

The innovation, marketing, the sourcing, such are the key words of a sector where, even more than elsewhere, the decision makers must be held informed and to be able to meet the suppliers of the market.

STAY develops a complete offer of tools of meeting, information and communication: Preshows, the Living room of the Toy, the Review of the Toy and the Directory of the Toy.

48-50 rue Benoît Malon • Gentilly 94450 • France
Phone: 33 (0) 1 41 98 40 00