Feature Articles: The Green Scene

Who hasn’t wanted a second chance, the opportunity to start over? Wouldn’t it be great to go back and have the chance to change something in the past? Since there are no time machines, the best we can do is to try to make the future a better place for ourselves and the people we care about. Parents are excited to have the chance to give children all the things they never had — or could have. The brains behind BeginAgain toys have taken those ideas and created products that match children’s desires to be creative with adults’ desires to promote sustainable living and healthy toys.

With young children, learning can be fun. With new Wooden Magnetic Sets by Mudpuppy, children can learn with fresh, bold, and memorable letters, animals, fruits, and numbers! These magnetic sets are simple but modern, and they offer a welcome twist on classic toys. Mudpuppy’s Wooden Magnetic Sets make things pop with artistic patterns that give them an edge over typical refrigerator magnet sets. Even if toddlers drool over these wooden wonders, no worries! They’re made of nontoxic inks, as well as 80% recycled wood.

Diva Chics is an all-natural line of hair products from Lucky 11, designed for tweens and teens. The salon-quality products include a shampoo and conditioner, detangler, styling product, and hair and body glitter. Diva Chics is designed for the “It Girls” — girls with enthusiastic personalities. Salon-tested products are created to provide the perfect balance of strength, moisture, and shine. The most natural and mild ingredients are used in each product to provide maximum benefit without causing build-up, flaking, and needless exposure to chemicals.

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Designer Preeti Ayyangar founded Spunge Design in 2008. Based in Atlanta, GA, Spunge Design studio creates modern, child-friendly, organic cotton products. Spunge products are designed with an awareness that children learn through exploration and discovery. Spunge’s super-soft baby blankets are made engaging through nature-inspired graphics, three-dimensional appliqués and embroidery. Children will delight in these intriguing textures and designs that reflect the beauty of nature.

Beloved the world over, Sesame Street entertains and educates children in over 160 countries. What better way to help parents teach children about the world outside their borders than to bridge the gap with the little muppet faces kids (and their parents) know and love? Kiwi Industries adds to the global appeal by launching the “Sesame Street Around the World” collection. It features all the familiar faces with designer colors, updated graphics, and the character’s name in three different languages. Children will enjoy learning what their favorite characters’ names are in different languages, and parents will appreciate the designer look in 100% washable organic cotton.

Joseph and Laralyn RiverWind are the founders and co-owners of Native Touch, an all-natural body care company. Based in western North Carolina, Native Touch knows one thing that sets them apart from other body care companies is that they are not rebottlers. All Native Touch products are original, proprietary recipes formulated by Laralyn, an herbal biologist. Native Touch’s philosophy is inspired by the teachings of their elders, who taught them, if you can’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it on your body. Their vision for the future revolves around the ancient indigenous wisdom of basing the decisions of today on the way it will affect the next seven future generations.

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Health and beauty products that are eco-friendly, gentle and all-natural have become important to find for parents and their young children. Consumers have become more educated about skin; a living, breathing tissue that covers and protects bodies but, at the same time, absorbs what comes in contact with it. It makes sense to stock products for kids that are chemical free. Here’s an opportunity to share with your customers effective yet gentle personal care products for the family. A few brands recommended by The Giggle Guide® include: Hot Tot, Willa, Sweet Dream Girlz and Lafes.

Since this is Earth Week 2012, the increased environmental awareness provides The Giggle Guide® with an opportunity to share some eco-friendly toy companies and their products. Isn’t it appropriate that toys and games which are marketed for children are manufactured and packaged in ways that protect and preserve the world for them? Help support toys and games made with sustainable, recyclable materials, using safe dyes, inks and paints. Here are some recommendations: Green & Groovy Crafts, DoodleTown Toys, Tegu and Green Toys.

This year’s Earth Day, April 22, marked the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. Help your customers and the environment by offering goods that are planet-friendly and help lead to a sustainable future. You, your shoppers and the people they shop for are all in this movement together. Here are a few brand suggestions that can help you go “green” in more ways than one: Lifefactory, Itzy Ritzy, Dandelion, and Kids Konserve.