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New parents no longer have to listen to “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” for the zillionth time, since they can instead enjoy lullaby arrangements by today’s top artists. Designed to soothe little ones while enhancing the enjoyment of music for all ages, Baby Blanket Music features sounds babies enjoy, including vibraphones and music boxes paired with classical instruments such as strings, woodwinds, pianos, harps and soft percussion. The gentle tones are calming and make for easy listening for both tots and adults. Baby Blanket Music is a sound way for parents, grandparents and caregivers to share music with a child.

Modern shoppers demand quality from conscious-driven companies, exactly the kind provided by Mim-Pi. The Dutch company is already a household name overseas, with its strong focus on developing wearable fashions for girls newborn to 10 years old. Leonora Nieuwenhuizen definitely understands her customers, who are thrilled to post pictures of their little ones looking cute in Mim-Pi wear. But there is one thing that really sets the brand apart, and that is its dedication to color, color, color. Every piece in the eclectic collections is saturated in gorgeous hues, from glowing fuchsias to stunning sapphires.

One of the biggest problems with children being outside during inclement weather is the damp. When it rains, socks, the bottoms of trousers, and the edges of sleeves typically all suffer, leaving school-aged children feeling uncomfortable throughout the day. Companies that create outdoor gear with an eye on breathability and functionality earn customer loyalty. Belgian powerhouse Ducksday has built strong brand recognition in Europe. The company is known for its ability to help kids shrug off dreary days and keep the fun rolling when the snow falls. Now it is making a name Stateside with stunning results.

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Dress tots in children’s clothing created by British designers for a spot of fashion. Zip Zap from Brecrest Babywear is an exclusive label offering a wide range of styles each season and has become a huge hit throughout the UK and Europe. Now American kids can strut their stuff in these charming imports. Little girls positively glow wearing the dress in a pink, red and purple dot pattern with a frill down the center front and matching solid leggings with frills at the hem.

Michael Musolino, CEO of Make Good Choices, and his team are all about helping children develop sound decision-making skills. “We are doing our very best to make this world a better place, one good choice at a time.” This philosophy has opened up doors for the company’s message: its support of fundraising efforts has resulted in a strong relationship between many community organizations and Make Good Choices. The company’s logo has appeared on everything from key chains and wristbands to hoodies and hand sanitizers.

Blankets for babies and children do much more than provide warmth and decoration; these cozy items often become treasured keepsakes that are passed down from generation to generation. Of course, if a blanket is going to enjoy heirloom status, it should meet certain criteria. First, it should be unique. A mass-produced discount store blanket can definitely hold emotional value, and it’s often the child’s choice of favorite “blankie” that stands the test of time, but most parents would prefer that a special blanket be aesthetically pleasing and well-made. Naaya by Moonlight creates a luxury collection of child’s quilts created to last a lifetime.

Playtime New York

Many parents have at least one memory of their child having a close call or injury. These moments stick with a parent and can make them cringe even decades after it happens. For inventor Jay Conohan, the experience of his son’s fall in the bath tub led to a spark of genius and eventually the creation of his product. Bath and Play is a playard specially designed for the tub. The structure fits directly in the tub itself, transforming it into a little stall where a kid can safely enjoy the bath. It features foam sides and a textured floor that allows children to stand, hold on and move around while in the bath.

Now there’s a new choice for nursing moms: Naked Nursing Tank. It’s an open-busted, long-waisted camisole that allows a mother to feed her baby easily without worrying about exposing too much skin. The tank is also fashionable and attractive, so there are no worries about clumsy nursing gowns or smocks. Two Guelph Ontario moms –– Carrie and Jen –– are the inventors behind this great product. As nursing mothers, the friends both experienced the challenge of keeping their midriff areas covered while feeding their babies. So they devised a tank top that wouldn’t ride up to show the midriff, an area of self-consciousness for many new mothers.

With kids spending almost 9 hours a day sitting on their rumps, offer ergonomic products that let them hunker down without getting a humpback. Moll desks are designed to encourage healthy posture, aligning legs, arms and spine for the perfect perch. Not only do these desks protect posture, but they also deliver dollar value. One adjustable desk can take a tyke from preschool to high school. The desk height and tilting desk surface are easy to position to just the right fit. It enables the child to work at an angle to reduce eye and neck strain.