The Biz: The Grapevine

Hair accessories are items that many consumers seem to take for granted; they are available in discount stores and there seems to be a nearly endless array of possibilities. However, many parents of little girls will tell you that while hair embellishments might be abundant, they are not always high quality. Over the years, some companies have tried to address the problem and have begun to offer higher-quality accessories that are also trendy and cute. Wee Ones is one of the leaders. This well-respected company provides a wide range of hair bows, clips, and bands, available in a variety of colors and styles.

Golden Rabbit is a family-owned company that began producing enamelware over 16 years ago. Golden Rabbit’s speckled collection is based on 18th century designs and is constructed of fine German enamel on steel. Classic and colorful, the dishes are easy to clean, easy to store and versatile — perfect for a country kitchen or in a high-style setting. Enamelware from Golden Rabbit is fully functional without forgetting the fun. Whether mixed or matched, the array of shapes and sizes can outfit any event or enhance an existing table theme, from clambakes or barbecues to Christmas buffets and Easter brunch.

Many popular brands provide unique products that meet customer needs in grand style. In today’s shrinking world, that means an emphasis on understanding a multi-cultural audience. But that focus should not mean a generic approach to product creation. For example, Gryphon Design Collective has its fingers on the world’s pulse and understands the demands of a global marketplace — with insight into satisfying the needs of individuals. Not only does Gryphon bring in talent from dozens of countries, but it also gives back through literacy initiatives and promoting community issues.

Woombie (KB Designs, LLC)
Feather Baby

Sisters Krystal Kirkpatrick and Suzanne Knutson started their company, Bunnies By The Bay, as therapy after two tragic fishing accidents claimed the lives of their father, brother, uncle, cousin, and 11 other fishermen. Suffering almost unbearable grief, they took the advice of their grandmother to keep their hands busy and began sewing bunnies that were inspired by a childhood story. Bunnies By The Bay’s focus is on creating delightfully endearing gifts for little ones embarking on their first year of life. Through engaging art and playful wit, Bunnies By The Bay offers detailed designs and lush materials in timeless products that promise parents and grandparents a cherished heirloom in the years to come.

Who among us doesn’t remember killing some time between learning in school by flicking a paper “ball” into the “goalpost” made by someone’s hands? This pastime was simple and fun… and it can still be played today! Only once again our kids have become too sophisticated for our old-school ways, so it’s up to buyers to catch up and catch on to FIKI SPORTS games. This enhanced version of tabletop football features a leather game piece shaped like the desired ball or puck, a replica playing surface and “scoring apparatus” (a.k.a. way better than someone’s hands).

“I’ve seen that shirt three times today!” You may have had that thought when you were out and about, surprised to see that so many were wearing the same shirt. It’s human nature to want to fit in, but also be ahead of the fashion curve. Children’s clothing retailers that keep an evolving mix of trendy and classic garments know that they need both to appeal to customers. Classics are easy to spot, but the new and trendy are sometimes tougher That’s why it’s beneficial to partner with companies like Angelika London, which not only combines the classics with artistic trends, but also helps buyers stay ahead of the newest fashion wave.

Teeny Tiny Optics

Little Green Trike Shoe Company (formerly Squeakers) is all about bringing new and innovative ideas to the world of children’s shoes. The Utah-based business offers a line of fun and adorable shoes for kids from birth through elementary-school age. What’s special about this company and what unique products can they offer retailers? Little Green Trike’s Squeaky Feet shoes are specially made to help toddlers develop the appropriate heel-to-toe gait that leads to healthy walking. Squeaky Feet feature a removable squeaker that sounds when kids place their feet in the correct way as they walk.

While child development experts and instructors agree that hands-on crafting projects are beneficial to kids’ creative evolution, it’s not always easy to pinpoint the best project for each child. Variety in projects is important. However, just working through a craft one time is not always best. Any craft project that really engages the child should to be able to allow for multiple versions of the craft, along with some opportunity for the child to add special touches. To this end, Eye Can Art is delivering the best in quality crafting projects that not only delight kids, but hit on all the important facets of really great products.

In a world of toys where everything makes noise and requires every type of battery, there’s something refreshing about going old school. Goodwood Deconstruction Blocks are designed by Aroundsquare for creative play for play’s sake. Aroundsquare sees play as a range of activities from manual to mental, from tangible to imaginary, from closed to open, from individual to group, from competitive to cooperative, and from silent all the way to rowdy. In short, there is no right or wrong way to play with Goodwood Deconstruction Blocks, making them the right choice for families, and for your store.