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For a brand new look from a brand new company that just began to shine its light on the world of kids, we take a look at Nandy & Molly. Richa hails from Delhi, India; Nandy is her daughter and the inspiration for her work. Molly is originally from Charleston, SC; she moved to New York City and did a design internship with Oscar de la Renta. Richa and Molly met in New York and decided to merge their unique talents. As a team, the looks they create have that “wow” factor. They have combined their design and business strengths to come up with a winning line that retailers will be delighted to display.

Little feet need special care to develop and grow the way they should. Dawgs shoes and boots have proven to be so super-comfortable that they spur repeat business, a great deal for retailers. When you show customers the Baby FleeceDawgs Mules, you can assure them that this brand is tops in style and value. When Dawgs calls itself a “Foot’s Best Friend”, they back this statement up with outstanding quality control assuring that each shoe meets the company’s high quality specifications. The baby mules are cleverly built so that the sole does not leave tracks behind, a feature parents will eagerly embrace.

Pockets of Learning from Soft Skills Learning Products offers a full line of uniquely designed, educational fabric toys that are made to last through generations of repeated play. These fabric toys can withstand the love and rigors of several siblings and will hold up as they hold a child’s interest. The toys and gifts can be personalized and make cherished gifts for children from birth to age 5. My Quiet Book is one of Pockets of Learning’s best sellers, along with the Lullaby and Goodnight Book and Right at Home Book in which the child helps each little animal find its home.

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While nursing moms like the opportunity to pump when they are out, they don’t necessarily want to broadcast the fact. There are many different kinds of pump totes, but they tend to focus more on utility than fashion. Industry veterans (and moms, of course!) Shannan Runner and Kelley Lehner decided to bring busy moms a piece of the panache they enjoyed prior to pumping, with Juno Blu Bags, their new line of breast pump bags. Runner and Lehner’s bags go a step beyond fashion and utility: they are also developed from earth-friendly materials that would make any vegan smile.

In houses the world over, little ones are eating dinner, then getting tucked in. And it’s a sure bet most of those little rooms have a night light, the cure for monsters under the bed and aliens in the closet. For parents who don’t want to serve dinner on plastic divided plates, or ruin the décor with the ubiquitous frosted white night lights, add a little spice with Time Concept, Inc. Incorporated in 2006 and affiliated with Spice Co. Ltd., one of the leading design and distribution companies in the Japanese Gift Industry, Time Concept, Inc. carries modern dining and nursery décor.

When a brand can boast about its 25 years of quality made-in-the-U.S.A. products, you’d think it might rest on its laurels. But not 3 Marthas. The company has been known for its beautiful appliqués that delight modern mothers while retaining the personal and classical touch of hand-made items. As the holidays approach and everyone is anxious to spoil baby (and mom) with the latest and greatest, you can’t go wrong stocking 3 Marthas in any combination.

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Our breastfeeding rates could be better,” explained Vivian Muehlen, CEO of Mamma-Kin LLC. Muehlen, the creator of the best-selling KoalaKin hands-free nursing pouch, has a deep understanding of the challenges facing mothers today. She also is a strong advocate for breastfeeding. “I’m a mom who worked in corporate America for over 20 years. I never had any dreams about becoming an entrepreneur, but I was incredibly determined to breastfeed both my sons,” she said. Muehlen’s KoalaKin nursing pouch is a boon to the busy mother, especially if she has more than one child.

For some families, bathing a baby can be a calm, relaxing, bonding experience; for others it can be a little less pleasant. The fact is that not all babies enjoy being bathed. While most babies and parents eventually adapt to bathing routines just fine, it’s always nice to have products that can make the whole experience easier, safer and more fun for everyone involved. Blooming Bath is an invention that combines attractiveness and function in a way that may very well transform bath time for babies and caregivers.

Due to changing family dynamics and busy schedules, many children grow up eating their meals on the run or in front of the TV or computer, so less emphasis is placed on the face-to-face interaction that used to be part and parcel of family mealtimes. Does this mean that we’re destined to devolve back to our cave dweller eating habits? Not necessarily. Staci Erickson is one of the parents leading the back-to-manners revolution. Her product, Golly Gee-Pers Table Manners Cards, helps communicate the basics of table manners in a way that kids will understand and enjoy.