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Cities like Milan, Paris, Seoul, Tokyo, and New York are meccas of fashion. New York City is a destination spot for kids’ clothing with a distinctly elegant feel; rich colors, elegant earth tones, and fashion-forward prints mingle with revisionist takes on what it means to be a classic. New York designers know that they are catering to parents who desire clothing that speaks to the heartbeat of the city’s fashion scene, while still providing for comfort. Aioty Kids New York is known for its multi-patterned boho pieces: rich colors matched with exotic patterns that mix great together or as separates.

Introduce shoppers to the easy-grip handles and silicone shapes that add up to oogaa, an ingenious line of feeding tools for little ones. Mealtime should be a pleasant time for all, which is exactly what these safe, silicone designs provide. All Oogaa products are heat resistant and can be used safely in the freezer, microwave and sterilizer. Free of BPA, PVC and phthalates, parents use them with complete confidence, knowing that silicone feeding products do not support the growth of fungus, mold or bacteria. In addition, the spoons are gentle on toddlers’ tender gums, and when an item drops on the floor nothing breaks!

Back in the day, when we wanted to unplug or our parents were out of batteries, we would reach for the simple things like a Rubik’s Cube or those little maze games with marbles. Once they were solved (or we gave up in frustration), there was little use for the toys and they were promptly put on a shelf in favor of the latest video game. What if you could offer your customers an alternative to video games, but with just as many player options? And kids six and up could be entertained for hours with minimal noise and no batteries necessary? You can, with Perplexus!

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Cynthia Strauss’s melee with chemotherapy brought about the concept for Addicks Enterprises’s Seez-It labeling system. After a desperate search through her bag for an important card, Cynthia realized that things would be better with labels. The labels are all made in the U.S.A. of a unique high-quality material with an adhesive backing, making it possible to remove and place the labels in another location, if needed. The labels can be attached to a variety of fabrics, leather, and vinyl. Seez-It Labels are a great way to stay organized, save time, and stay sane.

With most toddlers using sippy cups at least some of the time, there’s bound to be some daycare and playdate confusion about which one belongs to which child. This is a genuine concern, not just because of the inevitable tantrums that would ensue should the little ones realize the mix-up, but because of the transfer of germs. Baby Face Band enables parents to easily personalize their baby’s sippy cups in a way that’s both effective and super-cute. The company was launched in 2010 by momprenuer Laura Black, and has been making steady progress ever since, thanks to a wonderfully simple product that makes parents’ lives a bit easier.

Denim jeans are a testament to rugged, lasting fashion. They never go completely out of style and they can go from a day at school to the playground to dinner with the relatives, all with a simple change of shirt. Keeping denim chic fresh is an art unto itself that requires a company willing to push the boundaries, while holding on to the classic styling that everyone loves. Kiniki, an Australian company with a global reach, has melded the enduring classics parents like with the edgy fashion that children enjoy.

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Getting organized is one of the big challenges of motherhood. Infants grow quickly and go through so many changes, it can be hard for a mom to keep up. Older kids have endless appointments, events, and extracurricular activities, and keeping on track is often difficult. Glow Baby is a company that produces useful and stylish stationery products to help a family’s schedule run smoothly. Glow Baby, a Toronto-based company, is the brainchild of Lindsay Harris, a busy mom of two who found out firsthand how difficult it can be to juggle the needs of young children while tending to all the other responsibilities of work and home.

For many parents, bath time is an aspect of baby care that sparks a bit of apprehension. Handling a wiggly infant is challenging enough when he’s clothed and dry; a soapy, bare baby can be a challenge for the new mom or dad. The CuddleCloth is a unique product that helps take the worry out of bathing baby. This large, soft receiving blanket/bath towel makes it easy for a caregiver to quickly and easily transfer a baby from the tub to the changing table or other surface without slipping or dripping, making bath time a more fun, pleasant experience for baby and adult alike.

Flimsy plastic toys break so it’s no wonder shoppers are turned on by well-crafted, long-lasting wooden playthings. To show them what’s out there that both encourages creativity and lasts, turn to Discoveroo, an Australian company that aims to encourage kids’ imaginations, teach basic skills like colors and sorting, and engage young minds by showing how each toy works.