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Whether mom and dad hit the links for work, part of a club, or just as an excuse to take a golf cart, it can be a shared family sport with The Littlest Golfer. The company makes resort-quality golf apparel, accessories, toys, books and equipment for children — the fastest growing segment in golf. The golfing turtle mascots, Putter and Sandy, invite young kids to explore the world. Parents can pass on the passion with the TLG First Set. Built specifically for children, these clubs are not just miniaturized adult clubs. They are durable, lightweight and feature Littlest Grip Technology to ensure the right grip every time.

New parents want their babies surrounded by the best, and that is precisely what Bivona & Company provides in its collection of cribs, dressing tables, tall dressers, double dressers, nightstands, hutches, guard rails, bed rails, mattresses, and Hollywood style frames. The centerpieces are the cribs. Designed “in the round” so they are beautiful to look at from all sides, the Dolce Babi line features elegant and timeless pieces. If you want a showpiece for your store, bring in the Bambino Collection. The Cream Frosting color is neutral enough to go with any nursery, but special enough to stand out.

When we eat food that is locally grown, we reduce our carbon footprint by cutting back on the cost and impact of importing food from far away. Reducing the need for long-distance trucking cuts back on greenhouse gas emissions so altogether it’s a win-win. Preserving local character is good every way you look at it. Many consumers subscribe to this philosophy so, by offering them clothing for kids that emulates these ideals, retailers can support their existing values — another win-win. Locally Grown Clothing Co. embraces the resurgence of farmers’ markets, local agriculture, and ideals of traditional craftsmanship and Americana.

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There’s a reason Bob Barker is always telling us to spay and neuter our pets. Pet overpopulation is no joke, and as people become more aware, fostering and rescuing dogs has become more popular. Carianne Burnley launched Petsapalooza LLC in 2009 to create high-quality fun toys for pet lovers that also teach about the importance of pet adoption. The idea for Petsapalooza came from Carianne’s love of animals, and also from years of volunteering at a local shelter and being on their Board of Directors. She knew kids loved animals and pretend play, so why not combine the two?

What does a new mother need most? A third set of hands? A night of uninterrupted sleep? Enough time for a quick shower? “Yes” is the answer to all these questions, but here’s an item that will also win an approval shout-out. Poncho Baby is the answer to how to modestly nurse a baby in public any time anywhere, even when Mom and tot are out and about. The innovative design that covers both a woman’s front and her back allows Mom to keep an eye on her baby while she’s feeding. It is also a very useful garment for nursing women to use when pumping breast milk at work.

Here’s a toy that hits the kid jackpot big time, combining cute, cuddly animals, state-of-the-art technology and the pure pleasure of playing games on smart phones and tablets. Scanimalz, originally from Scandinavia, offer the kind of Scantastic fun that delights young ones and brings smiles to those who shop for them, both because the whole concept is appealing and the price reasonable. Smart retailers, start your engines and get in on the action with this collectable toy group that is winning kudos from both girls and boys.

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Any place there are a lot of kids, there’s usually a ton of fun. There’s also a lot of chaos. Think of the last kids’ party you were at: The hostess hands out bottles of water. Kids drink deeply, toss the container on the table, and run off to play. They come back throughout playtime to grab a drink, but it doesn’t always end up in the same place on the table. Some kids solve this by just drinking whatever is nearest, creating a hazmat situation right in some unsuspecting parent’s backyard. Of course, one way to solve this kind of problem is by having the labeling products from Kidaroo Crew on hand to help each child identify his or her own beverage.

“I was truly at my wit’s end,” shares Erin Kelly, founder of Hulabye. Like many other enthusiastic parents, Kelly was enthralled with every stage of her daughter’s growth… until baby decided that life was too short to stay still for a diaper change. The squirmy tot made diaper changes a challenge, but Kelly, who is also a physician, put her creativity to work. Her diligence to create a superior product has paid off: the Happy Changer, a vest design which secures baby safely to a changing pad, is a hands-down customer favorite.

Pregnancy is a time when a woman’s mind is on many things; the health and well being of her baby being at the top of the list. There are also the matters of work, daily errands, and possibly caring for her other children to keep her busy and preoccupied. When it comes to clothing, most moms-to-be just want easy, grab-and-go choices that are comfortable yet stylish. Nowadays, baby bumps are celebrated, and maternity fashions are all about highlighting them in a classy, positive way.Flattering a pregnant woman’s body is all about attention to shape and design, and Lilac, a Utah-based maternity clothing designer, understands the value of both.