The Biz: The Grapevine

Two things parents look for in clothing are durability and wearability. Juxby has just what they ordered with coordinating soft, thick, long-lasting children’s garments that parents love to buy and kids love to wear. Their specialty is items made in the U.S.A. from patchwork madras fabrics. Parents and kids alike love to mix and match patterns and colors. You can proudly display the Juxby brand because it employs Americans to create designs and patterns, sew embroidery appliqués, and even make bottoms and accessories.

Golf is one of the last outposts of classic, quiet chic… the stoic aristocracy of sports. Its enduring marriage with stylish clothing has stood the test of time. PGA-inspired wear works well for both girls and boys — a fact that designer and golfer Paul Nguyen is passionate about. Melding his ardor for the sport with his experience in the fashion industry, Nguyen partnered with Elisa Hera to create Foresome Inc., which owns the Fore!! Axel & Hudson, Fore N Birdie and PGA Authentics lines.

With its Spring ’14 collection, TinyTinkers underscores family bonds and the endless possibilities inherent in childhood. The sportswear line uses photographic printing that — unlike traditional screen prints — creates realistic trompe l’oeil images that depict a range of grown-up occupations, hobbies and sports. The result is clothing that allows children to literally try on any persona they choose. The spring collection will be available in the regional trade markets across the country, including KidShow in Las Vegas August 19th to 21st in Jo Ann Farese’s booth.

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When a new parent brings home baby for the first time, they dream of a little body dressed in something sweet and soft. They imagine that tiny head nestled in something beautiful, practical and unique. Baby Bandar dreams those same dreams, using fun colors, patterns and designs to create baby essentials that are pure, natural and durable. The name Bandar is a nod to the East: Meaning “monkey,” babies are often called this with love in India. These essentials will bring happy color and sassy style to a nursery.

Whether it’s the beach or the desert, city or suburb, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of arriving at your vacation destination. With the launch of its debut collection, Kikli Design seeks to capture that feeling of escape and discovery through its easy, boho dress line. Each season, the line draws inspiration from different spots on the globe, blending themes, prints, and colors to create a unique, happy aesthetic. With custom prints and easy bodies, the line seamlessly combines an effortless California vibe with the vibrancy of India. The Spring ’14 line, which ranges from size 12 months to 8, will be exhibited at ENK Children’s Club in booth #3313 in New York, August 4th to 6th.

One aspect of European childrearing that attracts many Americans is the sense of adventure. Euro parents tend to include their children in outdoor activities from an early age, creating an atmosphere of exploration and fostering a sense of independence in their little ones. This is why European baby gear companies offer so many great travel products, and why some of those companies have found a home in America. Kiddy is a company that offers high-quality, durable baby gear for parents on the go.

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Baby Banz Inc.

If Christine and Peter were married instead of business partners, how they got together would be a classic romcom meet cute. Christine was selling her car to make money for her new venture – the perfect BellyBelt for maternity and post-maternity clothing issues. Peter turned up with his mother to look at the car, took one look at this mompreneur and instead of buying a Volkswagen, he bought half the business and grew it into Fertile Mind. Belly Belt grew as fast as her belly as Christine had three more kids, and she and Peter hired a staff of mostly working moms who helped them develop all the necessities for maternity and postnatal accessories.

When checking out lines for your shop, do you ever wish many items could be found in one showroom for your buying convenience? Now, at the Summer Place Showroom at the AmericasMart, Atlanta, the existing space has been doubled, offering twice the space for display. Buyers can view and select everything from layette and accessory items to toddler and tween apparel, shoes and gifts in one spacious showroom that gives growing lines more opportunity to display their complete offerings, as well as space to introduce new brands.

Established in 1986, etnies is the first skateboarder-owned and operated global action sports footwear and apparel company. etnies Kids just introduced their latest collection inspired by Disney-Pixar’s Monsters University. The new designs are debuting in stores this month and feature three different Toddlers styles inspired by Mike, Sulley and the Pinks, and three new Kids styles featuring the Roars, Okays and Pinks.