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Have you ever walked into a room and instantly felt calmer? When you open your closet, are there certain colors you reach for over and over again? Color psychology seems to be at the root of the new line of products from Happi by Dena. The collection consists of lushly colored pieces, bright pastels, and gentle “cuddle-me” hues. Targeted at tiny tots and children, the Happi line was created by award-winning artist, host of the program “Embellish This”, and designer, Dena Fishbein, in partnership with Two’s Company, a gift and home décor wholesaler.

Just as LEGOs™ allow children to create complex structures with only their imaginations to guide them, innovative littleBits are simple, intuitive, space-sensitive blocks that make electronic projects as easy as snapping small magnets together. littleBits consist of tiny circuit-boards engineered to snap together with magnets. No soldering, no wiring, no programming; just snap and play! Each bit has a simple, unique function (light, sound, sensors, buttons, thresholds, pulse, and motors), and modules snap together to form larger circuits. littleBits believes in developing the scientific thinkers and problem-solvers of tomorrow.

Jupiter Creations is a company that offers fun toys for kids of all ages. Jupiter’s founder, Michael Katina, worked in the toy industry for years as a distributor, so he had a good idea of what sells. He’s in the process of seeking out more fun and varied products to add to his company’s already exciting line of toys. While the old standards –– dolls, trucks, and stuffed animals –– will likely never go out of style, kids today are gravitating towards toys that are innovative and interactive. While this can take the form of electronic games and gadgets, it can also refer to classic playthings with a 21st-century twist.

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Children love stuffed toys, and they love to scribble and draw. Mix the two together and you have a winning combination that will keep kids occupied for hours. Blankz from Always Been Creative, Inc. are innovative new toys that allow kids the cuddliness of teddy bears and the creativity of a canvas. Right out of the packaging, Blankz are plain, unadorned stuffed toys made of sturdy white cloth. But each one comes with a set of specially made colored markers that can be used to decorate the toy in countless ways. The best part is that these fun toys can be washed and colored again and again, giving kids plenty of opportunities to express themselves.

Many families make their own “rainy day kits,” full of activities to entertain housebound kiddos. They can go to any craft store for the basics: coloring books, markers, construction paper and glue. But what if you could offer parents high-quality, affordable textile art supplies like fabric paints, dyes, screen inks, pigment powders, fabric art markers and more for an all-inclusive ultimate craft kit? Well get started in what could become a new profit center for your store, with Jacquard Products.

Bringing art and play together is Long Pond Company’s mission. Long Pond Company creates unique, heirloom-quality wood toys, furniture and other personalized gifts for children. All Long Pond creations are custom made to order. They use furniture-grade hardwoods and hardwood laminates finished with a durable gloss acrylic for lasting beauty and cleanliness. Customers can customize their orders with Long Pond’s original art and characters, and hand-painted personalization is available at no extra cost. All Long Pond Company toys and furniture are made in the U.S.A.

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Freddy Mine is a collection of sweaters and outerwear for boys that focuses on cozy comfort. This line includes classic designs that use warm tones and mixed textures. With two small boys of her own, Kelly Rooney used her 10 years of experience in the clothing industry to design for baby boys. Freddy Mine was inspired by an old teddy bear, worn to pieces. Freddy, the teddy bear, inspired a feeling of “love, warmth, and comfort”. This feeling is woven into each lovingly designed piece. Freddy Mine will be expanding its Spring 2013 collection to include boy sizes 12 months through 5T. It will incorporate knit and woven fabrics as well as woven bottoms.

Travel, both international and domestic, consumes a significant portion of every journey. The trip seems even longer if you are bringing children. Let’s face it: getting on the plane may be exciting (what kid doesn’t like taking off their shoes in public?) and the first ten minutes of every car trip is great, but it’s what happens in between that can make or break even the strongest wills. “Are we there yet?” is an acceptable refrain if the trip is ten minutes to Grandma’s, but not thrilling when the destination is Seoul, some ten hours away. The TrayKit from Content and Calm can help keep kids busy.

One of many things that can boggle the minds of new parents is the amount of stuff that one little baby can bring into their lives. It gets to the point that getting out of the house with baby can have parents feeling like they are packing for a weekend away. Cool Wazoo by Cheerful Child is a multifunctional product that can help to lighten that load. Initially designed to protect children from the blistering temperatures of playground bucket swing seats, Cool Wazoo can also be utilized as a car seat cover, shopping cart cover, restaurant high chair cover, and changing pad.