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Nursing smocks and covers are a great way to preserve privacy while breastfeeding. These covers provide a way to take care of business without everyone seeing your business. The problem with many nursing covers — in addition to being one more baby item to carry — is that they are often unattractive and some fabrics can overheat both mother and infant. L’ovedbaby is a company that offers useful and stylish products for new moms and their babies. The 4-in-1 Nursing Shawl is their most popular product, as well as the company’s flagship creation. L’ovedbaby has expanded its product line to include baby gift baskets as well a line of 100% cotton clothing.

With electronic games and toys topping the list of must-haves nearly every season, it’s easy to lose sight of the traditional pastimes like board games. But family game night isn’t ready to be buried just yet; a new generation of kids is taking advantage of this time-honored tradition, which is helping renew the board game industry. McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds is the company that produces You’ve Been Sentenced!, a language-based board game for ages 8 and up. McNeill is on a mission to promote smart, fast-paced educational games to today’s kids.

Bitybean bills itself as the Cleverly Compact Child Carrier and satisfied customers attest to its practicality and ease of use. This carrier is smaller and lighter than any soft-sided carrier currently on the market. It can be tidily tucked away in a pocket or bag! It is designed to tote infants and toddlers from eight to forty pounds. Your customers will be delighted to find a classy carrier that weighs in at a mere eight ounces and is as teensy as a child’s water bottle. Designed and developed by a socially-conscious Vermont company, Bitybean is the brainchild of company founder, Doug Hartwell.

All Baby & Child, Inc. (ABC Kids Expo)
HALO® Innovations

You own your own business because you know that it’s more than just making a profit — it’s about using your talents to make a difference. You work hard to find the best products for your customers because it’s more than just the bottom line — it’s about long-term relationships and service. Which is why it’s important to not only partner with companies that have great products, but also promote better living. Toys By Teens is a company that’s giving high school students a window on the realities of business, but with a helping hand.

The development of character is woefully diminished if parents are trying to keep up with the Joneses. While worrying about whether little Molly can walk before her playmate or whether Tommy knows his ABCs in three languages, parents occasionally ignore the most important part of life: good morals. My Friend Huggles are life-size friendship dolls that capture kids’ attention and hearts with positive messages. Kids love to hug and snuggle up with them, but they are also educational because each one has its own positive personality trait for children to embrace.

Office chairs are designed with a wide range of ergonomic functions to improve back posture and the work environment. Until now, this same attention to back pain has not been extended especially to new mothers. Momby Baby Support changes all of that. A new mom’s back gets tired for many reasons: c-section pain, carrying the new baby, toting gear and from repetitive feeding at awkward angles. With frequent feeding intervals, the back pain can interfere with daily participation in her child’s life. Conventional breastfeeding pillows offer little support for an aching back. The Momby Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding Support is a revolutionary product that provides supportive materials and an ergonomic design to help reduce back stress and make feeding easier for mom and baby.

J. Austin Ryan Designs

Sunglasses protect the eyes from damaging solar rays, but they also completely change one’s look. Houses of haute couture have been taking aim at eyewear, with recent trends aiming towards more eye-framing looks. While adult designs still exist largely as frames with minimal detail, a more creative approach to eyewear is needed for younger customers — especially tweens and teens. Companies like Jollies have their sights set on filling this creative niche with innovative eyewear that can be individually styled.

Hair accessories are items that many consumers seem to take for granted; they are available in discount stores and there seems to be a nearly endless array of possibilities. However, many parents of little girls will tell you that while hair embellishments might be abundant, they are not always high quality. Over the years, some companies have tried to address the problem and have begun to offer higher-quality accessories that are also trendy and cute. Wee Ones is one of the leaders. This well-respected company provides a wide range of hair bows, clips, and bands, available in a variety of colors and styles.

Golden Rabbit is a family-owned company that began producing enamelware over 16 years ago. Golden Rabbit’s speckled collection is based on 18th century designs and is constructed of fine German enamel on steel. Classic and colorful, the dishes are easy to clean, easy to store and versatile — perfect for a country kitchen or in a high-style setting. Enamelware from Golden Rabbit is fully functional without forgetting the fun. Whether mixed or matched, the array of shapes and sizes can outfit any event or enhance an existing table theme, from clambakes or barbecues to Christmas buffets and Easter brunch.