The Biz: The Grapevine

Many parents have at least one memory of their child having a close call or injury. These moments stick with a parent and can make them cringe even decades after it happens. For inventor Jay Conohan, the experience of his son’s fall in the bath tub led to a spark of genius and eventually the creation of his product. Bath and Play is a playard specially designed for the tub. The structure fits directly in the tub itself, transforming it into a little stall where a kid can safely enjoy the bath. It features foam sides and a textured floor that allows children to stand, hold on and move around while in the bath.

Now there’s a new choice for nursing moms: Naked Nursing Tank. It’s an open-busted, long-waisted camisole that allows a mother to feed her baby easily without worrying about exposing too much skin. The tank is also fashionable and attractive, so there are no worries about clumsy nursing gowns or smocks. Two Guelph Ontario moms –– Carrie and Jen –– are the inventors behind this great product. As nursing mothers, the friends both experienced the challenge of keeping their midriff areas covered while feeding their babies. So they devised a tank top that wouldn’t ride up to show the midriff, an area of self-consciousness for many new mothers.

With kids spending almost 9 hours a day sitting on their rumps, offer ergonomic products that let them hunker down without getting a humpback. Moll desks are designed to encourage healthy posture, aligning legs, arms and spine for the perfect perch. Not only do these desks protect posture, but they also deliver dollar value. One adjustable desk can take a tyke from preschool to high school. The desk height and tilting desk surface are easy to position to just the right fit. It enables the child to work at an angle to reduce eye and neck strain.


Little boys might be made of snips and snails and puppy dog tails in the old nursery rhyme, but the new rhyme would include tux and tails if Unruly Blue has anything to say about it. This company has found a way to do the unfathomable: make flawlessly tailored finery for the reckless gentlemen ages 4-12. This luxury brand claims inspiration from the disheveled elegance of children. Melding the spirit of youth and whimsy with timeless, refined details, Unruly Blue was created to increase the standard of quality and variety available in clothing for boys, dispelling the idea that clothing is disposable.

While kids have worn jewelry for centuries, there wasn’t always a large selection of jewelry made specifically for children. Nowadays, things have changed. The children’s jewelry market is expanding every day, and the offerings go way beyond plastic bracelets and candy necklaces. Kids have access to a wide variety of pretty, stylish, and classy jewelry pieces that are made to last them throughout their lives, and a few companies are leading the way with stand-out products. Bfly is a Canada-based jeweler that specializes in earrings, necklaces, and other jewelry designs for babies and children.

Griddly Games creates award-winning party and board games that bring people together while encouraging social interaction, learning, strategy and challenges that everyone can enjoy. Griddly Games was founded in 2007 by a mom from Vancouver, BC, Canada, who wanted to fill the void for quality products that inspired laughter and fun while promoting healthy, active lifestyles. Wise Alec is the multiple award winning, hilarious, family trivia game with a witty twist. Over 1000 questions in history, science and spelling get brains going, while included activities get bodies moving!

HALO® Innovations

For a brand new look from a brand new company that just began to shine its light on the world of kids, we take a look at Nandy & Molly. Richa hails from Delhi, India; Nandy is her daughter and the inspiration for her work. Molly is originally from Charleston, SC; she moved to New York City and did a design internship with Oscar de la Renta. Richa and Molly met in New York and decided to merge their unique talents. As a team, the looks they create have that “wow” factor. They have combined their design and business strengths to come up with a winning line that retailers will be delighted to display.

Little feet need special care to develop and grow the way they should. Dawgs shoes and boots have proven to be so super-comfortable that they spur repeat business, a great deal for retailers. When you show customers the Baby FleeceDawgs Mules, you can assure them that this brand is tops in style and value. When Dawgs calls itself a “Foot’s Best Friend”, they back this statement up with outstanding quality control assuring that each shoe meets the company’s high quality specifications. The baby mules are cleverly built so that the sole does not leave tracks behind, a feature parents will eagerly embrace.

Pockets of Learning from Soft Skills Learning Products offers a full line of uniquely designed, educational fabric toys that are made to last through generations of repeated play. These fabric toys can withstand the love and rigors of several siblings and will hold up as they hold a child’s interest. The toys and gifts can be personalized and make cherished gifts for children from birth to age 5. My Quiet Book is one of Pockets of Learning’s best sellers, along with the Lullaby and Goodnight Book and Right at Home Book in which the child helps each little animal find its home.