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In a life with kids it follows that there are plenty of bumps and scrapes. The motto of the me4kidz team is “fix it, clean it, back to play,” that aptly describes how their line of first aid kits and products specially designed for the younger set works. According to Safe Kids USA, more than 3.5 million children aged fourteen and younger have sports and recreation-related injuries every year. To cope with these problems, the family-owned company devised the medi-products so that first aid can be given as soon as it’s needed.

The after-Christmas season often includes looking for batteries in every size and searching for missing parts and assembly instructions. Help your customers simplify creative playtimes with Wikki Stix, designed to mimic the olden days of art projects with yarn and glue, only with less mess and more success. Easy to stick on and peel off, there are no mistakes with Wikki Stix. Because they come in a wide range of colors and can be cut to almost any size, Wikki Stix appeal equally to boys and girls, and span a wide range of ages, from 3 to 103! They are perfect for quiet, independent play, or interaction with others.

One of the greatest gifts a new mother can receive is often something that makes her feel stylish and comfortable. Wearing comfortable, functional and slightly sexy underwear is sure to make a nursing mother feel attractive at a time when that feeling may be a bit dormant. Dedicated to not letting it all hang out, Fancee Free Manufacturing Company offers nursing and full-figure bras and shapewear that are soft, fashionable, and useful.

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Elephants and piggies and lions, oh my! With the intense marketing and popularity of animal-shaped pillows, smaller companies selling plush critters might not get the attention they deserve. What if you could offer your customers an affordable and unique alternative to over-commercialized toys? And what if that offering also happened to help animals everywhere, lining cages instead of just pockets? Tell your customers it is, in fact, hip to be square by offering them Zooklz, the square animals with attitude.

Babies are messy! New mom Johanna Romaniuk realized just how messy, when her 5-month-old daughter was determined to feed herself; afterwards, the floor was a spillabration! Out of necessity, Johanna made a high chair food catcher that was lightweight, compact and durable. She made it easy to attach, detach, clean and store on the high chair. The high chair food catcher was the beginning of Wupzey, a company dedicated to making products that make life with baby less messy. Wupzey now has a full line of products including car seat covers, high chair covers, bibs, coveralls, floor mats, shopping cart covers and diner covers.

Paula Roeske considered herself a very organized person when she had her first child. She went so far as stack all of his baby food jars by type in her pantry. She did not realize how easily these jars could topple and fall until her 6-month-old son began standing and holding on to her leg. She soon learned the dangers, when one of the glass jars fell and landed on his toe, breaking it. She was so upset, that when she got home with him from the hospital, she searched for baby food organizers and found nothing available. The need for a safe baby food organizer led to the creation of PRK Products, Inc. and the Universal Baby Food Jar Storage & Organizer.

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Bellefit Maternity is a leading medical brand in post-pregnancy girdles and corsets, specializing in postpartum garments to help women recover from both natural birth and c–section. Bellefit post-pregnancy girdles and corsets help keep the uterus firm as it is returning to its pre-pregnancy size. Women experience pain and cramps after birth as the uterus works to achieve this. The pains are often much worse in subsequent pregnancies because the uterus needs to compensate even more for the previous stretching. Bellefit garments help to ease this pain and make birth recovery easier.

Rock-a-bye baby in the most contemporary, soothing manner. According to research, forward movement — like rocking in a swing — makes a baby the most comfortable. The baby’s brain perceives rhythmic forward swinging as a linear, soothing motion. Most of today’s cradles rock from side to side. The problem is that for sensitive babies, this type of motion can induce dizziness and discomfort. The best way to rock a baby is in the contemporary so-ro cradle that features a front-to-back rocking motion to soothe a little one to sleep. The result is likely to be a calmer, better rested baby (and parent) in the morning!

Whether it’s donating our time, treasure or talents to help the needy, ‘tis the season to give as generously as possible. Kids also want to help, but it has been difficult for many charities and aid organizations to properly connect and communicate with children to let them know what they can do. Children need to be empowered with the virtues of charity at a level they can understand and contribute what they can. Karito Kids (“Karito” means “loving one’s neighbor” in Esperanto) has created a way for children to help others when buying their dolls and storybooks.