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With an ever-changing body, it can be hard for a pregnant or nursing woman to find styles that work from day to day. Attempts to keep up can lead to wasted money and closets filled with clothes that don’t quite fit. In recent years, maternity wear companies have begun to better understand the needs of moms-to-be when it comes to both stylishness and versatility. Larrivo is one of the leaders in fashionable maternity wear. The New Jersey-based company specializes in simple, yet eye-catching designs with clean lines and functional details.

Peace. Passion. Positivity. is a company that makes colorful, soft, braided bracelets and assorted pewter bracelet charms. First, customers pick the bracelet color they like best. Next, they can choose from a wide variety of charms that reflect their passions and interests. It’s a long list that includes themes like dance, sports, faith, music, and animals. They make great gifts and kids enjoy trading them, so it’s not surprising that their popularity is on the rise. These bracelets have the look and appeal of a trendy tween accessory, but the real draw lies in their message and the vision of their creators.

The arrival of fall means the return of school activities. For stylish girls who are seriously sporty, KOS*USA offers fashionable fitness apparel for the active young lady. Perfect for dance, gymnastics, gym class or just out and about, KOS*USA designs edgy activewear using performance fabrications and on-trend colors. Established in 1990, Los Angeles based KOS*USA has specialized in the fitness industry over a decade and continues to be a fashionable fitness apparel supplier to major gyms and exclusive spas.

No Slippy Hair Clippy, Inc.

As babies become more mobile, parents suddenly realize that tiny tots don’t see the world in quite the same fashion –– toes go right into mouths and rolling around on the carpet is all the rage. Since it’s “bottoms-up!” from about age six months or so, savvy parents usually slip on a pair of leggings or stockings to keep little bottoms covered. But there’s no need to go with boring solids for the bum when you have access to the sweet stylings of Blade & Rose, which specializes in wrapping busy bottoms in warmth, comfort, and style.

No one wants to get stuck at home all the time, but what are today’s increasingly mobile families to do about transporting baby? Even if a parent simply needs to work in the kitchen or the home office, baby might have to rest alone in her room. Slings and carriers are great, but sometimes, it’s nice to just have a sturdy place for baby to rest… but still be able to be on the move (in style, of course!). Dorte Grau has an innovative solution to the mobility issue that grows with the blossoming child. “The Kidskoje is a revolutionary, patented, new, and innovative sleep, transportation, and game concept,” explains Grau, the mother of two.

While one of the most amazing experiences, dealing with body changes while pregnant, and long after, is almost as daunting as caring for a little one. Give women the gift of luxury this year with Cantaloop, shaping and functional garments that help make women in any stage of motherhood feel comfortable and stylish. Forget tight compression garments or ill-fitting nursing gear; Cantaloop focuses on the whole process, with lingerie to support a woman in any stage of the motherhood journey.

Phillips Nizer LLP
Teeny Tiny Optics

New technologies are making it easier for parents and caregivers to keep tabs on baby’s safety and development from the womb to the nursery and beyond, and iBaby is one of the companies leading the charge. iBaby is a company that creates baby-care applications to be used in conjunction with Apple products and has recently released some new baby monitoring devices that many parents will love.

“A collection, like life, is a journey. You can’t see the end when you set out,” explains Natasha Lee Thomas, founder and designer at Frankie & Ava. “Each season I try to reach a little higher, to achieve more. It isn’t easy, it takes hard work and does not happen overnight. But Frankie & Ava and I are in this great adventure together.” Thomas wanted to create a collection of children’s clothing that was fashionable and functional. The result of blending her British heritage and understanding of bi-coastal cool is Frankie & Ava, so named after the designer’s two children. The company is known for its subtle, classy approach to children’s clothing.

Hartford was the brain child of Yves Chareton and born in New York City in 1979. Chareton had a vision to recreate the 40s and 50s vintage shirts he found in the flea markets in Porte de Clignancourt in Paris in the late 60s. It was not long before the Hartford name became synonymous with quality fabrics, rich colors and above all authenticity. Hartford grew to create a complete menswear line, then in 2000 expanded again to include a vintage-inspired beachwear collection, a women’s clothing line, and finally a children’s clothing collection. The common thread is that all the lines share the enduring philosophy upon which the Hartford label was built.