The Biz: The Grapevine

“Itty bitty” brings to mind the tiny little feet of newborns and the sweet smiles from satisfied toddlers. It probably doesn’t bring to mind the grandness of an established company, but it should. Pavilion Gift Company is exactly that: dedicated to bringing evocative treasures to families and friends. Its Itty Bitty & Pretty (for girls) and Itty Bitty & Handsome (for boys) collections are studies in comfort and old-fashioned sweetness. From the coordinating bibs to the boxers and wearable blankets, Itty Bitty is targeted at grabbing attention and tugging at the heart.

Based in Miami, Florida, Safari Ltd. has been a leading manufacturer and distributer of innovative, educational toys, specializing in authentic hand-painted replicas since 1982. Beginning with a mission that they would not just sell plastic animals that looked good, they were determined to educate children about the fragile ecosystems and the inhabitants that live there. To accomplish this they provide educational data in five languages and name identification on the undersides of the figures. Their commitment to education is what sets them apart from other replica brands.

If you haven’t been there, you certainly know someone who has: you leapt from a taxi with kids and luggage in tow only to be searched by strangers at security checkpoints. You then spent several aggravating hours on the plane trying to keep the kids happy and when you touched down, you made a beeline for the rental desk. Of course, you made arrangements with the rental agency for the kids’ car seats — but when the rental agent informed you that the seats weren’t there, you had only a few options: rush around like crazy trying to find an alternative… or start walking. Or, if you are like Grainne Kelly, inventor of the BubbleBum inflatable safety seat, you could just whip out your car seats and be on your way.

Woombie (KB Designs, LLC)

It’s a noisy world and headlines are full of problems caused by loud sounds on young ears. To help protect the very young, Dots on Tots introduces cute hats for little ones that reduce external sound by fifty percent. All hats from this company are made of organic materials to be super-soft on tender skin. The Flappy-Tappy Ear Protection Hat keeps little heads warm and sound at bay with two layers of certified organic cotton on the ear flaps as well as an inner layer of fleece cotton that forms a pocket for the insert, made of four layers of organic hemp that has a fuzzy texture on one side to absorb noise.

Two things parents look for in clothing are durability and wearability. Juxby has just what they ordered with coordinating soft, thick, long-lasting children’s garments that parents love to buy and kids love to wear. Their specialty is items made in the U.S.A. from patchwork madras fabrics. Parents and kids alike love to mix and match patterns and colors. You can proudly display the Juxby brand because it employs Americans to create designs and patterns, sew embroidery appliqués, and even make bottoms and accessories.

Golf is one of the last outposts of classic, quiet chic… the stoic aristocracy of sports. Its enduring marriage with stylish clothing has stood the test of time. PGA-inspired wear works well for both girls and boys — a fact that designer and golfer Paul Nguyen is passionate about. Melding his ardor for the sport with his experience in the fashion industry, Nguyen partnered with Elisa Hera to create Foresome Inc., which owns the Fore!! Axel & Hudson, Fore N Birdie and PGA Authentics lines.


With its Spring ’14 collection, TinyTinkers underscores family bonds and the endless possibilities inherent in childhood. The sportswear line uses photographic printing that — unlike traditional screen prints — creates realistic trompe l’oeil images that depict a range of grown-up occupations, hobbies and sports. The result is clothing that allows children to literally try on any persona they choose. The spring collection will be available in the regional trade markets across the country, including KidShow in Las Vegas August 19th to 21st in Jo Ann Farese’s booth.

When a new parent brings home baby for the first time, they dream of a little body dressed in something sweet and soft. They imagine that tiny head nestled in something beautiful, practical and unique. Baby Bandar dreams those same dreams, using fun colors, patterns and designs to create baby essentials that are pure, natural and durable. The name Bandar is a nod to the East: Meaning “monkey,” babies are often called this with love in India. These essentials will bring happy color and sassy style to a nursery.

Whether it’s the beach or the desert, city or suburb, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of arriving at your vacation destination. With the launch of its debut collection, Kikli Design seeks to capture that feeling of escape and discovery through its easy, boho dress line. Each season, the line draws inspiration from different spots on the globe, blending themes, prints, and colors to create a unique, happy aesthetic. With custom prints and easy bodies, the line seamlessly combines an effortless California vibe with the vibrancy of India. The Spring ’14 line, which ranges from size 12 months to 8, will be exhibited at ENK Children’s Club in booth #3313 in New York, August 4th to 6th.