The Biz: The Grapevine

When they feel how soft it is, Pima cotton will definitely be the fabric of your customers’ lives. During a trip to Peru, designer Elia Gressin-Zapata realized how amazing Pima cotton was and wanted to share it with her friends in France, so she created Melopima. Grown, harvested and sorted by hand by small producers in northen Peru, Pima cotton is so rare and silky it’s called “Silk of South America” and Elia made it a point to have production in Lima, Peru. The cotton is free of chemicals and GMOs and is used by leading brands across the world because of its soothing texture and purity.

Tickle-Me Elmo. Beanie Babies. Cabbage Patch Kids. These toys are not just guides on a walk down a retailer’s memory lane. They were all stellar sellers. The common thread? They were all cute fads. While trends come and go, cuteness is always popular. No toy section is complete without a standard grouping of plush creatures, and for a good reason: kids will always love stuffed animals and gift givers always feel safe about buying them. This is because stuffed toys cross age boundaries and generations, tugging at the heart. Lisa Moy’s Ponytail Pals are filling the need for on-the-go snuggles with wearable stuffed animals.

Julie Veille spent a lot of time with her grandmother growing up, and while that may conjure up visions of cookie baking and more traditional activities, Julie’s grandmother was a fashion designer. Taught to sketch by her grandmother, Julie developed a love of fashion at a very young age and eventually founded 7Zetoiles. At the core of Julie’s collection you will find originality and quality. Her vision is to dress children in beautiful, original and comfortable clothes that are ideal for city life but very adaptable to extreme, cold climates thanks to the use of sophisticated materials and fabrics.

Feather Baby
Satsuma Designs

Want to let your customers “pick your pockets”” with creativity, not larceny? So many parents like to have a cutely customized nursery nowadays, and you can add to the décor options with little effort and lots of oomph with Pick Your Pockets organizers. Pick Your Pockets provides unique, fun products that can be used in any part of the home, office, college dorm, baby nursery, or child’s room. These organizers can be used forever! Start with diaper organizers; move them and they become book holders or closet organizers as the child ages. The tween phase will be cool when kids use the organizers for video games or jewelry.

When you’re young, you are vaguely aware of the strong influences binding your family together. When you get older, you understand the vital role each family member plays. As the definitions of family change and evolve in modern society, the ties that bind families together remain strong. What family wouldn’t want to boast about its bonds? Companies like Hip Together are filling a need to promote the love and strength that exists in the bonds of family relationships.

Imagine for a moment a village in Nepal with lullabies lilting in the background, crooned by mothers to their children. Clothing is loose and constructed of exotic prints that evoke a far away culture. Inspiration for children’s clothing can come in many forms. In the case of Ketiketa, a traditional Nepalese fabric was the jumping off point. Starting with “dumbar kumara”, the designers of Ketiketa turned their love of this block printed fabric into a collection of clothes and decorative accessories for boys and girls under 10. Even the label’s name has Nepalese roots with the combined “keti” (girl) and “keta” (boy) making up its presentation.

Andy & Evan
JP Lizzy

When it comes to design, most infant and toddler bottles tend more towards the utilitarian. They may consist of a clear, smooth plastic cylinder or be constructed of a lightweight glass, but a bottle is usually a bottle. And while there is nothing wrong with getting the job done, why not make mealtimes a little more enjoyable? Bottle Pets, developed by two mompreneurs who wanted to make feeding time a fun time, bring together two things that babies really like: milk and toys. They also bring together what families crave: convenience and peace of mind.

American Blanket Company is proud of what it produces and uses only the highest quality products and finest materials in the makings of its bedding blankets, throw blankets, baby blankets and gift blankets. American Blanket Company’s Basic Baby Blanket line provides little ones with the warmth, security and comfort they need, while creating a lifetime of memories of reading just one more story or singing one more lullaby wrapped up in plush, luxuriously soft, easy care fabrics that are guaranteed for life. The new Hand-Stitched Collection contains baby blankets and quilts individually hand-stitched in the U.S.A.

When you walk into a classroom, you’re likely to notice many things: the way the children and teacher interact, class artwork on the walls, the books and materials available to the kids. In most cases, the classroom furniture and equipment tend to blend into the background, but they play an important role in the education process, particularly in the early school years. ECR4Kids produces high-quality classroom furniture and school supplies geared to children in preschool and elementary school. They offer a wide variety of products to choose from, most of which come in bright, kid-friendly, primary colors.