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If you seek a unique gift for girls in the hard-to-shop-for nine-to-fourteen year range, look no further. Dolls from A Girl for All Time are lovingly created with historical reference, giving girls a way to feel grown up while still relishing the fun of playing with a beautiful, keepsake doll. The dolls give older children the opportunity to feel more “grown up” but still enjoy being exactly what they are – young girls. These enchanting dolls are stylish enough to have been featured in British Vogue and are available for the first time in the U.S in fall 2012, along with the books that tell their stories.

Scratches and scrapes are part of an active child’s life, so when they happen, parents can be ready to soothe them with Ouchies, latex-free bandages in a playful range of styles. For young ladies who are bound to stub a tiny toe, show your customers the 4Girlz offering, packed in a charming, show-offable tin box. These bandages come in twenty spiffy designs, four each of Flower Power, Pink Camouflage with Hearts, “Girls Rule” Tattoo, and Desserts & Doodle. Customers shopping for girls will also be delighted to recognize the Olivia bandage design based on the popular book starring everyone’s favorite pig.

Childbirth is not for the faint of heart; labor and delivery are tough even for healthy women. Wearing the traditional hospital gown means a mom-to-be has to keep tugging or holding parts of it for comfort and modesty. It gets worse if mom needs pain medication or has to get hooked up to the fetal heart monitor. The already-uncomfortable heroine becomes a kind of 3D puzzle for docs who need to run wires or tubing around or through the gown. Pretty Pushers is out to change a woman’s birthing experience one gown at a time. Started by Mary Apple, who went through her own birthing drama, the company produces specialized apparel: attractive, functional clothing for labor, delivery, and the postpartum period.

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If there’s any trend that transcends time and gender, it’s this: kids like to pretend they’re a superhero. Now parents don’t have to safety pin a towel to their children’s shirts or allow them to wear their Halloween costumes throughout the year to make that dream come true. They can simply send a child off to school with a backpack or lunch bag with just the kind of super-secret transformative properties possessed by all the great superheroes. Let your customers be a superhero to their own kids at home by offering SuperME products in your store.

No matter the age, French girls traditionally define their identities through their unique style of clothing. In that spirit, designer Marilyn Tov brings the French tradition to girls’ fashion, ensuring that lasting comfort is met with grace and beauty. Growing up in Paris, she recalls an idyllic childhood of easy-going shopping on Saturdays, followed by bike rides along the Seine. What she recalls of the clothing she wore during her Parisian playtimes is comfortable elegance and that embodies her 2013 namesake collection.

After having their children, sister-in-laws Kristin and Anna Forselius discovered that baby weight was keeping them from getting back into their old pants. Like any new mom, they weren’t in any hurry to jump back into their maternity clothes and didn’t want to purchase in-between sizes just to get through the time it would take to lose the baby weight. They tried the rubber band trick used by so many before them and found it to be lacking, to say the least. Together they created Oopsie Loopsie as a more sophisticated and reliable patented loop system that won’t come undone.

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When designer Julie Barger was brainstorming to find a name for her new clothing line 9 years ago, she enlisted the help of her five-year-old daughter. Julie asked, “What is the name of something that starts as one thing then changes into something else?” Her daughter answered, “Golden Butterfly.” That soon became metamorphosis but since that was too long to fit on a label, it later became “Morfs”. Founded and based in Lynchburg, Virginia, Morfs features Julie’s creative vision turning everyday apparel into unique works of art for children to wear, and parents to cherish. These wearable art creations provide one-of-a-kind looks for today’s one-of-a-kind kids.

Cowboy boots are making a comeback in the fashion world. For practical parents, this fashion forward idea isn’t as easy to pull off with the wee ones. Luckily for all those craving kiddie couture, a mom came up with the perfect solution: Bootzies. The genius idea for Bootzies came about when the founder Christina was watching her infant daughter scoot across the floor while adoring some boots. Her daughter refused to keep socks or shoes on, so how would she be able to saddle up to this new trend? Then the answer came to her: tights! Wearing these, any baby or child can fashionably scoot, crawl, walk and, most importantly, be comfortable.

Delta Children’s Products are tops for durable, kid-friendly cribs and strollers. Family-run Delta’s appeal is derived from more than just style, economy, comfort, and practicality. The company glows with good will, and corporate President Joseph Shamie was honored with the Humanitarian Award in 2011. Kids in Distressed Situations paid tribute to him because of the contributions Delta has made towards helping the less fortunate. Delta is exactly the kind of company that retailers want to partner with: a strong record of great products and a stellar approach to people