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Getting organized is one of the big challenges of motherhood. Infants grow quickly and go through so many changes, it can be hard for a mom to keep up. Older kids have endless appointments, events, and extracurricular activities, and keeping on track is often difficult. Glow Baby is a company that produces useful and stylish stationery products to help a family’s schedule run smoothly. Glow Baby, a Toronto-based company, is the brainchild of Lindsay Harris, a busy mom of two who found out firsthand how difficult it can be to juggle the needs of young children while tending to all the other responsibilities of work and home.

For many parents, bath time is an aspect of baby care that sparks a bit of apprehension. Handling a wiggly infant is challenging enough when he’s clothed and dry; a soapy, bare baby can be a challenge for the new mom or dad. The CuddleCloth is a unique product that helps take the worry out of bathing baby. This large, soft receiving blanket/bath towel makes it easy for a caregiver to quickly and easily transfer a baby from the tub to the changing table or other surface without slipping or dripping, making bath time a more fun, pleasant experience for baby and adult alike.

Flimsy plastic toys break so it’s no wonder shoppers are turned on by well-crafted, long-lasting wooden playthings. To show them what’s out there that both encourages creativity and lasts, turn to Discoveroo, an Australian company that aims to encourage kids’ imaginations, teach basic skills like colors and sorting, and engage young minds by showing how each toy works.

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A new mom’s back gets tired for many reasons: c-section pain, carrying the new baby, toting gear, and from repetitive feeding at awkward angles. With frequent feeding intervals, the back pain can interfere with daily participation in her child’s life. Enter the Momby Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding Support. This revolutionary product replaces the soft breastfeeding pillow with supportive materials and an ergonomic design to reduce back stress and make feeding easier for mom and baby. Momby can even help lessen the painful issues of colic and reflux.

We may be dating ourselves, but some of us recall in horror when we looked down and saw a hole in our jeans. It meant only one thing: a patch. A patch that never quite matched the denim. The times they are a-changing! And leading that change are Scabs, fun and permanent stick-on fabric patches from Grab a Scab, Inc. that come in so many affordable varieties, parents won’t mind when junior rolls up with yet another tear in his pair.

Whether heading off to school, grandma’s, vacation or a play date, everything about childhood is better with a buddy. Traveling can be stressful and a night away from home can leave a child feeling lonely. Bubele’s Patch Buddies are helping kids on the go with their Patch Buddies plush toy and backpack combos. The plush toys have a zipper on the back that reveals a cuddly, soft blanket. Patch Buddies lets kids easily customize their backpack and their buddy by offering the backpacks and plush toys separately.

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It’s never too early to cheer a favorite team on to victory! That’s the lesson Baby Fanatic founder and ardent sports fan Tricia Woodson learned when she needed a baby gift for another sports-wild mom and couldn’t find anything that met her needs. Faster than you can say “win/win,” Woodson developed a line of licensed baby products. Today, Baby Fanatic is the exclusive manufacturer of officially licensed baby goods for all NFL and MLB teams. Plus they license products for over forty colleges, so even the youngest member of the family can display their team spirit.

fitbook by fitlosophy is a personalized way to track weight loss, nutrition and fitness goals. Writing down goals and tracking progress is an often overlooked but important step, especially when it comes to weight loss. According to fitlosophy, research has shown that the habit of writing down goals makes one 75% more likely to succeed. fitbook is a journal designed to help users get healthy and slim down. Two recent additions to fitlosophy’s line are the fitbook mama2b and fitbook junior, focusing on healthy pregnancies and kids.

Education Outdoors Inc. was created by Tim Paczesny in 2005 as a solution for the need to educate children and their families about the great outdoors. His motivating factor began when Tim’s daughter noticed an animal track on the ground and asked him what it could be. He told her that it was a raccoon paw print. “Dad, how did you learn all the things you know about nature?” With that question, Education Outdoors Inc. was created and its first educational board game was about to be developed. Tim was dedicated to making his educational vision become a reality. He composed 400 questions and 100 fun facts about animals and nature and completed the first game called “Camp — The Game That Grows With You.”