Cachcach is French for hide and seek

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Founded in 1984 cachcach began with the unique concept of the “Pocket Buddy.” Each child’s garment came with a stuffed toy attached to the garment by a string and stowed in the pocket. Since the 80s the brightly colored character-themed prints with the matching pocket buddy has evolved to meet the fashion trends of the new decades. But to this day, cachcach is still remembered for its pocket buddies and animal motifs. Today’s cachcach is known best for its use of rich fabrics, textures that are visibly soft to the touch, charming dimensional motifs, and of course, whimsical animal characters.

Made in the U.S.A.

Cachcach is still producing in the USA. We have been doing what we do best in the US since 1984. Manufacturing in the US is more costly than overseas but you get what you pay for. We make our sample line and we make the production so our product is the same quality as the samples you ordered from. With Cachcach you get cute stylish outfits with a special unique quality that attracts Mom’s and little ones with discerning tastes. We love what we do and we love our product!

New Collections Every Fall and Spring

Each season, twice a year, designer Kathleen Dougherty and her creative team build a new line of children’s giftware and clothing from new arrival to size 10. Cachcach fabrics are hand selected and often custom made with worldwide origins. The emphasis is on special details combined with comfort and wearability for the pleasure of our “little customers.” A cachcach outfit will be worn for special occasions, seen in family photos, enjoyed as playwear and then saved or passed on as a treasured keepsake.

Company divisions include cachcach for baby, cachcach for girls, Blooz for boys, and cachcach giftwear and bedding.

1513 East Saint Gertrude Place • Santa Ana, California 92705-5535
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Phone: (714) 957-1114
Fax: (949) 476-1905

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KIDShow - Las Vegas, Nevada (8/19/13 - 8/21/13)

I think we all can remember a special outfit we wore when we were kids that recalls a fond memory today. When I was in elementary school, Pendletons were a big fad and every boy at my school wanted one. I remember getting a red Pendleton for Christmas one year and was happy to be in that “in crowd”. Children’s apparel manufacturers are in the memory-making business. So, I asked a few of the exhibitors from the KIDShow Las Vegas, August 19-21, at Bally’s to answer me this: “What do you most remember wearing as a child?” and “What apparel in your 2014 Spring Collection is designed to make memories for a new generation?”

KidShow - Las Vegas, Nevada (2/18/13 - 2/20/13)

The February KIDShow at Bally’s Las Vegas (February 18-20) marks the beginning of my twelfth year attending KIDShow Vegas. It’s no surprise to me that KIDShow continues to serve the needs of its loyal and new vendors and retailers. After viewing so much children’s apparel over the last few decades, I still love to attend KIDShow with a keener interest to not only see the fashions, but to learn more about the people behind the brands. That’s why I asked several exhibitors these questions: “What would someone be surprised to know about you?” and “What will buyers be surprised to see in your 2013 Fall collections?”


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