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Parents are taking advantage of every opportunity to boost their children’s skills and intelligence levels from the earliest age, and research studies support the idea that music gives children a competitive edge. Music aids in the development of a child’s brain, and may be an important factor in increasing mathematical abilities. However, just listening to music won’t give junior the edge –– he actually needs to learn songs and play instruments. Jamtown, Woodstock Chimes, Hohner Kids, and Schylling Toys know that music needs to be fun, so they draw on a wealth of differing experiences to bring children the great instruments they love to play.

Gifts that spark an intellectual response and curiosity from a child may have more long-term play value than other less creative choices. In today’s eco-conscious climate, many parents look for innovative ways to bolster kids’ natural curiosity and inspire them to think about others and the environment around them. It was this desire that led Phoebe Hayman to create Seedling, a company that creates kits which encourage kids to use their imaginations and explore the world… naturally!

Parents want their children to succeed, and many believe that a good start includes high-quality early learning experiences. Long before children enter school they can develop foundational skills for reading, language, and mathematics. Companies that produce educational toys have seen a boom in sales. There’s a good amount of educational merchandise for kids, and companies have to compete for the attention of discerning, parents who are looking for appropriate toys, games and learning systems for their young children. The Teach My brand is distinguished as an innovator in early education.

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GrandCamp Adventures is the embodiment of all things golden about the grandchild/grandparent relationship. Company creators Patricia Babuka and Scott Schaefer recognized the valuable role their grandparents played and set out to honor it. Launched in 2010, GrandCamp Adventures became more than just a company: it became a trusted resource that provides fun, educational, and family-honoring materials.

You’ll often hear President Obama talk about his attempts to get outside “the bubble,” referring to the excessive amount of time presidents spend in the White House and surrounded by Beltway insiders. Living such an insular life, he recognizes, gives one a skewed view of reality. Similarly, the New York Times On the Runway blog featured a post two weeks ago entitled “Bursting the Nutty Bubble” about the fashion bubble that makes those who work in designer and luxury markets forget that the real rainmakers in the garment industry are popularly priced goods, not the $15,000 handbags and $3,000 shoes to which they’ve become accustomed.

What do turtles and humans have in common? Why don’t jumping spiders need to look over their shoulders? Can squirrels really fly? These intriguing questions and many more are explored in Curious Critters, a picture book for kids by photographer David FitzSimmons. The book, published by Wild Iris Publishing, contains stunning images of animals that many never see, including the red flat bark beetle and the Eastern spiny soft-shell turtle. Each photograph is accompanied by information, told from the critter’s perspective, to educate and entertain young readers.

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The Baby & Children’s Business Resources Group launches with its flagship product, an intensive online orientation package that is designed to ground mompreneurs and other aspiring business owners in the concepts, realities and knowledge they’ll need to launch a successful wholesale or retail children’s product company. Through live instruction, participants will learn about product development, production, sourcing, sales, marketing, public relations and social media.

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Attendees at the 9th Annual ABC Kids Expo® will have no excuse to go hungry thanks to Centerplate, one of the largest hospitality companies in the world and the official concessions contractor for the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville.

Doug Simmonds, Centerplate’s general manager, promises that there will be plenty of “food for every budget — from $2.50 hot dogs at concession stands to a $14.95 all-you-can-eat buffet on the mezzanine level with table cloths and china.”

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If I mention Groupon®, what comes to mind? For me, I think I’m getting a deep discount off of something. I just love a good deal! The idea of getting something at half price or better is tough to resist, even if I don’t necessarily need it. Groupon and the countless other daily deal sites are banking on the irresistible temptation of getting that “good deal.” Despite its relative newness in the marketplace, this category is evolving, with more specialized children’s products sites such as Zulily, BabySteals® and Totsy appearing. What does this mean for manufacturers who are contemplating a daily deal or are already selling through these sites?

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The 9th Annual ABC Kids Expo® will take place at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville on September 23 - 26, 2011. Excitement is building with less than three weeks to go before the show opens. Its new location, the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, will house nearly 1,000 exhibitors with a current total of just over 3,500 booth spaces.

This includes 308 new exhibitors, an increase of more than 16% over last year’s show in Las Vegas. East Coast, Midwest and international attendee pre-registrations are also up.

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Trade shows are great places to get revved up. Surrounded by new and familiar faces, fresh designs and a positive vibe, my creative juices always start racing. No, I’m not driving toward a disclosure about hidden design aspirations. Rather, my mind fills with business ideas and growth opportunities on behalf of the exhibiting companies. For the newbies who have just left the starting line, I can already envision ways they could expand on their concepts, protect their proprietary ideas and boost their visibility. And for the more established brands, I imagine a myriad of ways for them to shift into a higher gear.

Children need to have innovative outlets, and they need to have their own work (and play) appreciated to build confidence. There’s no better way to do this than through crafts. Recent studies have shown that crafts help relieve stress –– something that everyone can appreciate. Clayzee by Aliquantum-International, Creations by You, Sandtastik, and the Chenille Kraft Company all provide pleasurable, safe crafting materials that delight the senses while allowing children’s personalized artwork to be shared with an appreciative audience.