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It’s challenging enough to make it as an artist or business owner in the developed world, where resources for success are plentiful; those living in developing countries may not even realize that they have the potential to make a livable wage doing what they do, and may not know where to begin to reach a larger audience. Recognizing this fact, some companies in the U.S. have made an effort to reach out to artists around the globe, to help them become established in their craft and ensure that they’re paid fairly for their work. Kahiniwalla is one of the companies taking part in this revolution.

The search for the perfect baby shoes usually begins with the “aaaaww” factor. Are the shoes colorful? Are they soft? Do they sport characters that babies might like? Of course, parents are looking for more than cuteness in a baby shoe; many are also concerned with quality and craftsmanship, especially if the child will be wearing the shoes while learning to walk. Eco-conscious shoppers may also have questions about whether the materials used are sustainable and safe. Companies like Silk Road Bazaar are stepping up to create baby shoes that meet all these criteria.

Earth Divas supports artisans in developing countries and is dedicated to bringing to market fair trade, handmade, sustainable products that are of superior quality. Earth Divas was founded with a vision to create a business that would benefit the environment as well as the individuals who manufacture the products for sale in the United States. From the early days of selling retail via their website and shipping orders from their garage, Earth Divas has transitioned to a wholesale business and increased their focus on fair trade made products, joined the Fair Trade Federation and expanded their warehouse and fulfillment operation to match their ambition.

JP Lizzy
Itzy Ritzy
Phillips Nizer LLP

“Sound bites” are the news teasers of the airwaves. Lightening-speed information demands that we express ourselves in a snappy way much of the time. This new paradigm is what gives rise to slang, abbreviation (aka “text speak”) and sometimes, just plain poor English. While this may sound like the beginning of the end for our linguistic heritage, there is a ray of hope. Parents can teach their children the skills necessary to communicate succinctly and efficiently, in a style known as “talk less, say more”. Publishing house Little Snail Series encourages this type of heightened communication.

Girls remember their first one: the glamorous exterior with rich colors, the graceful winding staircase, the upper stories with fabulous sleeping rooms fit for princesses, and the model kitchen that set every cook’s heart aflutter. Yes, before you moved into your first place, your first “dream home” was your dollhouse. Dollhouses have evolved, and there are homes for every taste — from little girls to avid collectors to (yes!) boys. Rooms with a view include dollhouses from En Gry & Sif USA, Greenleaf, Teamson and brinca dada.

Kidz On Safari is a North American-based company designed to bring the African Safari experience to the Western world. Kidz On Safari realizes that very few North American children have the opportunity to go on an African safari. They want to give these children a chance to vicariously enjoy such an adventure, and interact with their favorite animals in the comfort and safety of their own home. Their casual eco-friendly clothing, plush toys, educational DVDs and music CDs provide an immersive global experience that opens children’s eyes to the diverse wildlife and experience of an African safari.

Playtime New York
Michael Scott Studio

Retailers may still be making final buying decisions for the 2012 fall and holiday season. Top off the season with one of the biggest trends: hats, hats, hats! From traditional pom-pom caps to fantastical ski masks, the perfect hat should go with any coat, dressy or play, but have enough detail to set it apart from everyday stocking caps. Our picks all have unique elements, plus are warm enough for little ears while also being adorable enough to make parents skip the local drugstore 2-for-1 sale and head to your store: Ambler, 2HKnits, Virginia Dunn and Patouche.

Playtime New York - New York, New York (3/10/12 - 3/12/12)

The 4th edition of Playtime New York was held in March at 82 Mercer. Retailers are drawn to the cutting edge and modern selection of creative, exclusive and upscale merchandise that demands a setting that is different from traditional trade shows. Within an increasingly strong dynamic nourished by the international network of the Playtime trade fairs, this New York edition took place in an atmosphere that was stimulating and relaxing. Many fresh designers, including Neve Inspired, JUMINA, LOUANN and boy+girl previewed their fall/winter collections.

Moms love Silkberry Baby bamboo onesie with applique. Thanks for all the support from boutique stores and moms. We are excited to announce our new designs for Spring/Summer 2012. Keeping the premium quality we committed to, we have added bamboo tee, bamboo skirtsie and ruffle dress and short sleeve romper for coming season.

Skirtsie (skirt/onesie) and ruffle dress are the perfect little dresses for every sweet little baby and toddler. Both functional and fancy, the onesie dress has the ease and casulness of one onesie yet adds a funky, fun flair withthe full skirt.

Satsuma Designs
Andy & Evan

Whether it is one princess and a table full of stuffed guests, several little girls gathered in their finest, special tea time with grandma, a pouting little brother forced to be the two in his sister’s tea, plain or fancy, tea parties are a cherished, timeless pastime. Tea sets can be found in a variety of styles: made of plastic, enamelware, porcelain or wood, modern or classic, brightly colored or painted by hand, there is the perfect set for every little girl. The Giggle Guide® serves up a party that includes sets from Jack Rabbit Creations, Beatrix Potter by Reutter Porcelain, I’m Still Me and Melissa & Doug.

Parents are more conscious than ever about making their child’s life as green and healthy as possible, right from the start. Many more consumers are also determined to do business with companies who support “fair trade,” ensuring that everyone in the supply chain, from the cotton farmers to the pattern cutters and everyone in between will be treated fairly, paid a fair wage and work in a clean environment. A good example of brands that support these environmental and socially responsible virtues are Green Kids and Green Baby.

Furnishings and decorative accessories for kids were dominated by boring wood stains and shades of dull. That was then. Now there are several manufacturers that offer good looking, quality crafted products that fit into a variety of trend-driven lifestyle decors. Whether a customer lives in a contemporary home, a traditional house or a French Provincial setting, there are designs that blend in harmoniously. Here are some examples of new designs from Bratt Décor, Muralistick, indoTreasures, and SweetSeat.