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All Baby & Child, Inc. was founded in March, 2003 as a non-profit public benefit corporation. The premier event The ABC Kids Expo is a partnership of juvenile products manufacturers and independent specialty store retailers organized for the purpose of promoting the children’s products industry.

The main objectives and purposes of the corporation are to act as a business league that helps organize and put on trade shows to be held for the benefit of juvenile products manufacturers, specialty store retailers, distributors and manufacturers’ representatives of children’s products.

The ABC Kids Expo is a private trade show for the juvenile products industry and is not open to the general public.

12302 Hart Ranch • San Antonio, Texas 78249
Phone: (210) 691-4848
Fax: (210) 691-4849

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The ABC Kids Expo returns to Las Vegas October 15-18 and that has made a lot of people smile. I know that I always have a good time at ABC, and am looking forward to some laughs together with my explorations for new juvenile products. Before the show begins, I wanted to find out what makes some of the exhibitors laugh, and how they plan to generate big smiles from buyers. I was particularly pleased to hear that most of the manufacturers I asked said that their children, spouses or family members are what makes them laugh the most. I agree!

Trade shows present many opportunities beyond sales meetings. They are an occasion to see new products, spot trends and network. While it is natural to line up your sales team in a phalanx when a competitor strolls by your booth, there may be benefits in meeting other vendors, speaking with them about their successes, and being open to synergistic prospects not possible for your company to achieve on its own. Like licensing, co-branding will expand your product line and can introduce your brand to a new segment of retailers and their customers…


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12302 Hart Ranch
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(210) 691-4848
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DeAnna Mohr
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