Little Crown Interiors Completes 100th Project: A Nursery in a 100 Year-Old Home

Naomi Alon Coe

Editor’s note: I first met Naomi and Gerri from Little Crown Interiors at a dinner several years ago during the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas. With the annual event starting again September 7-10, I am pleased to take a look at this design service to both celebrate its 100th professional project and to give a perspective on the variety of service providers that attend ABC Kids Expo, also looking for trends and resources for their work. Although the ABC Expo primarily is designed for retailers, it caters to the business needs of many. I will be at the event next week and look forward to covering the market for The Giggle Guide’s retail retailers and service providers.

In the past 5 years since the founding of Little Crown Interiors, co-owners and designers Naomi Alon Coe and Gerri Panebianco have created 100 unique, one-of-a-kind nurseries, children’s rooms and playrooms. The duo’s latest project is an adorable, traditional boy’s nursery in the historic, oceanfront enclave of Long Beach, California.

Taking cues from the gorgeous 100-year-old craftsman home, as well as their extensive design experience over the course of 100 projects, Little Crown Interiors created baby Mackinley’s nursery with a historically inspired color palette and an understated music theme. Drawing on the duo’s well-honed skills, Gerri Panebianco explains: “Consistently throughout these 100 design projects, every nursery or child’s room we have designed has presented its own set of challenges, and figuring out what will make the space perfect is always dependent on viewing those issues with extra creativity.” The pair used the home itself as the starting point for their design, and filled the space with unique and hand chosen items, including collector quality pieces and sentimental family heirlooms.

Staying current on design trends for children’s spaces is one of the great joys and daily tasks of the Little Crown Interiors principals, who regularly share their thoughts on their own blog as well as the industry powerhouse, Project Nursery. However, keeping their knowledge of safety regulations for items in their rooms, as well as the safe design of individual spaces is a hallmark of the company’s ideals. “Finding just the right pieces for this very distinct home, while weighing the ever-emerging safety data against the beauty of antique pieces was a constant balancing act in this particular case,” stated Naomi Alon Coe when asked about the details of their 100th project.

The fantastic turnout of the nursery prompted the pair to undergo a thorough photo shoot of the completed project, and also to film a television pilot in the room, although it was non-airable content. “It means more than you know to finally have a special room for Mackinley. We get so many compliments on his room!” raved the homeowner and new mother who commissioned the designers. As is clear from their abundant body of work, Naomi and Gerri are never ones to rest and are already hard at work on several additional projects, for which photos and details will soon be made available.

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About Little Crown Interiors

Little Crown Interiors is a multi-faceted company based in Southern California, specializing in nurseries and child spaces. The founders, Naomi Alon Coe and Gerri Panebianco, bring together a passion for breathtaking children’s design, a fun-loving sense of curation, and unparalleled expertise in interiors that celebrate childhood.

Although the pair has been commissioned by clients throughout the United States, their primary work area is in Southern California, making them a celebrity favorite. Having had their design projects featured on many online resources, and print publications ranging from celebrity-centric magazines, to design magazines and local resource publications, the pair count their coverage in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, People Magazine and California Home and Design among their highest accomplishments.

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