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“A penny saved is a penny earned?” With today’s inflation and recession and depression or whatever else that ends in an “ion” that we’re in together, we all have to pinch greenbacks, not coins! Who is finding ways to save? If your customers are not spending more, better start saving more. Here’s some penny-wise tips from The Giggle Guide™. Help your fellow retailer, and share the wealth of ideas you have tried that make you a “wiser miser”!

Visual merchandising. More than an arrangement of signs and products. To increase sales, engage more senses. Create an experience. Satisfy needs, but generate wants. The Giggle Guide™ provides display tips for retailers and manufacturers. In stores, or at trade events, what you see and hear matters. Create attention grabbers Generate buzz. Turn window shopping into increased sales! What customers see, hear and touch influences what they get!

Want fries with that outfit?

The Giggle Guide™ helps children’s retailers make the most from every sale. Suggestive selling. Customer role-playing. Employee motivation. Impulse buys. Counter intelligence. Know your products, your customer and your sales potential. Hear what your customer really needs. Show. Sell. Practice. Praise. Reward! Learn to Super Size… with The Giggle Guide™!