Feature Articles: The Green Scene

It’s been said time and time again, but there’s no denying it — kids are the future. After all, children of today will be affecting the economy and politics of tomorrow — voting with both their ballots and wallets Now, Web sites, designed specifically for kids, provide parents with new tools to teach their kids green values. Crafts, Web games and environmental facts are all communicated through a cast of various green characters, complete with theme songs, colorful graphics, and yes – merchandise. Here’s a look at some our our favorites on the growing online greenscape: Planetpal, Scrap Kins and Treesures.

A growing concern for many parents and caregivers are the chemicals, such as BPA, that are found in many plastic children’s products. Such chemicals have been found to leech out of the plastics and cause a wide range of health problems when children are exposed to them over long periods of time. In response, there is a fast growing market of new products offering safe alternatives to plastics.

New products, many designed by concerned parents, are being produced to meet a growing demand. The Green Scene presents three companies that make safer new products for both children and our world: Silikids, Kid Konseve and SIGG.

Being green and clean is the latest in more environmentally- beneficial products. The Giggle Guide™ has discovered three clear winners that work well on dirt without making a mess of your home’s environment!
Check out Dapple, Field Organics and BabyGanics.

The Giggle Guide® takes a look at changes in cotton diapers! We discover the real scoop on the cloth vs. disposable debate, and find some of the “cons” about cloth are just a lot of poop. Learn more of the facts about the budgetary and environmental benefits of cloth diapering. Retailers could help their bottom line by offering a selection of cotton diapering products for your eco-responsible customers.

Got Green?

Toys from milk jugs. Furniture out of rubber trees. Sweet deals from Maple trees. It’s organic to want only the best for babies. The Giggle Guide™ shines a natural spotlight on new eco-correct products from Plan Toys, Green Toys, Maple Landmark Woodcraft and Cotton Monkey. Presto chango, Green is the color of change today.