I Heard a Whisper

Sydnie and Ava, the inspiration for BooBoo Kids!
Sydnie and Ava, the inspiration for BooBoo Kids!

For our first BooBoo blog post, we thought it would be a good idea to share with you how the idea of BooBoo Kids came about. We talk about it a bit on our web site, but want to go into a little more detail on here. It’s a question that we get asked often, so here’s how it happened…

It all started out as a normal sunny day in August until I received a phone call that my 3-year-old great niece fell off the couch and broke her arm. Then, the very next weekend, I was out with my husband and we got a call that my 4-year-old granddaughter was in the Emergency Room with a broken leg.

From then on, we were running from house to house visiting these injured little girls. I felt completely helpless and their poor moms were asking us not to buy any more candy, balloons, crafts and toys. I went shopping in hope of finding the perfect get well gift. Then it occurred to me …what about a get well shirt ? And so the hunt began. I called gift shop after gift shop and searched online for a get well shirt. I was completely surprised to find out that they did not exist.

So as I ponder the idea of creating a get well shirt for these little girls, I heard a whisper! The whisper was BooBoo Kids. My heart began to race as I went to my friend Barb’s house and told her what happened . She agreed to partner with me on this grand adventure, and so began the story of BooBoo Kids.