Greenbuds is Born (and Giveaway)

Well… case you’re wondering how my mompreneurhood all began, here ya go.

My working career began as an employee at an ecommerce retailer in the juvenile industry. There was a lot of room for growth and I managed to work myself up to Director of Sales and Marketing, though I always still dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur. I just couldn’t tap my hand on anything that felt like my niche. Then…in 2008 we found ourselves expecting our son C. As soon as I got pregnant, I became obsessed with my commitment to a healthy and pure diet and lifestyle. After the discomforts of my first trimester were behind me, I was all into planning, researching, and shopping for our baby nursery! Of course we wanted only the safest (AND DON’T FORGET, THE PRETTIEST!) baby nursery, and agreed on a budget plan so we wouldn’t go overboard. We chose a contemporary furniture collection by Bratt Décor, organic bedding by Serena and Lily, and then it came to choosing a mattress. We were certain about one thing, we would not allow our son C sleep on a conventional mattress. We were all too concerned about the risk of SIDS, as well as other fears about chemical emissions. Just the thought of choosing to allow toxins to get inhaled by our purest little possession freaked us out! I couldn’t allow it. Even more so, my niece had just been diagnosed with a terrible case of eczema which turned out to be the most severe and painful during the wee hours of the night. Seeing her suffer made me believe that some degree of allergies and skin irritants can definitely be prevented by being conscious of what we put our kids to sleep on. But here’s the drill… mattresses are expensive, and our expenses needed to be curbed………..

Once we’d exhausted all our efforts of surfing online and browsing the local baby stores, I realized there was no cheaper option out there, and that’s when it hit me, “This makes no sense, why should health have a price tag?”. That’s when I became determined that I would be the first one out there to find a way to combine organic integrity along with affordability into a mattress.

And so the research began, and the rest as they say is history! For the first year and a half all we did was research, talk to experts, do some more research, etc. At this point I’m happy to say that I’m truly satisfied with what I do. My life revolves around being a mommy to my two lovely kids and building Greenbuds at the same time. We now have a complete crib mattress line, as well as organic sheets, mattress pads, and other bedding accessories all made from the purest fibers that nature has to offer! For more details on our line check out our website.

Onward and Upward,


GIVEAWAY: In celebration of our incredible line launching in a couple of weeks, we want to share a little piece of it with you. We are giving away one of our organic cotton playard sheets ($34 value), packaged in it’s own organic cotton sack, which preserves it’s pristine purity since bedding is the closest thing to Baby’s face when sleeping. And, it’s perfect for the summer travel season!

All you have to do is head over to our Facebook page and, like Miriam, tell us how your life changed when you became a parent, or if you’re expecting what your career plans are moving forward. We all know that life changes when our little bambinos come along and we want to hear your story. Just leave us a comment on the giveaway post. Winner will be chosen on 8/4.