Bratt Decor, Inc.

The most beautiful furnishings for baby worldwide

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Bratt Decor, Inc.

Bratt Decor is the coolest, little baby furniture company around. At the helm are Stephen and Mary Bauer, who started the company when they were expecting their first child. The styling of Bratt is completely unique, and demonstrates the enormous talent of the truly gifted duo. The range of the Bratt Décor line spans from contemporary to the most luxurious of looks. Every design is personal. The quality is unparalleled, the safety flawless, and the service, exceptional.

P.O. Box 20808 • Baltimore, Maryland 21209
Contact: Mary Bauer
Phone: (888) 242-7288
Local: (410) 327-4600
Fax: (410) 327-4446