Meet the Mompreneur

Hmmm… Mompreneur… that my title? I guess it may just be a more exotic word for “Multitasker”! Here’s how it played out yesterday…

I’m sitting with the other neighborhood moms at the park, keeping an eye at C splashing his guts out at the water sprinklers, thinking about (or trying not to!) the list of “things that need to get done today” waiting for me at my desk. I take out a notepad and begin working on some txt updates for my website that need to get done.

My work is harshly interrupted by a forceful gulp and before I know it, my notes are all splattered with remnants of my daughter’s last meal! Not too pretty in the least…I imagine she’s coming down with a nasty virus, hoping it will pass over quickly and there won’t be a long wait at the pediatrician’s office. Well, I guess if I’m out of luck I can use that time to review the latest CPSC regulations on my ipad. These days you never know what may be relevant.

Stay tuned to hear how my company, Greenbuds, was born and how I took on the title of Multitasker Mompreneur.

Onward and upward,

Miriam Mandel