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No Slippy Hair Clippy® is headed for the big screen! I just found out that their gorgeous headbands and clips are going to be used in Adam Sandler’s new film “Grownups.” This is in addition to Ryan Newman sporting a number of No Slippy styles in the new Disney sitcom, “Zeke and Luther”. The show debuts tonight (June/15th) on the Disney XD channel.

Quick review: I stayed at a long-time friend’s house in LA this past Sunday, a house that just happened to be Ozzie & Harriet’s back in the day. (Rumor has it that Ozzie haunts the place – he died there.) I spent the night in Ricky Nelson’s old bedroom and the next morning, I could not find my phone. Of course, I’d turned it off to sleep, so I couldn’t call it and follow the ring. I tore the place apart, went through all my bags, told my friend, she searched with me – all to no avail.

Just back from a great weekend in LA, where I went to help Renee and Scott Baio with their very first Celebrity Baby Yard Sale. I flew out there last Friday, rented a brand new red Mustang convertible (thanks for the upgrade, Hertz!), and headed to the Valley (my first visit ever) by the grace of GPS. The whole crew worked like mad setting up the event ; I didn’t get to bed till 4:30 AM! Three hours of sleep and I’m back up and off to the sale. Such a glamorous life, I know….

I just picked up a wonderful donation from Brad Paisley and Kimberly Williams-Paisley for the Bailey Baio Angel Foundation Celebrity Baby Yard Sale. It’s an adorable baby carrier signed by both of them and made out of Amy Butler fabric, and it’ll be auctioned on ebay during the first half of June. We’ve sent the Paisleys just about every type of BopStarBaby Basket over the past couple of years; Kimberly even asked us to put together a special one before she delivered their new son Jasper a few months ago.

I’ll be headed out to LA next week to help Renee Baio with the first Bailey Baio Angel Foundation Celebrity Baby Yard Sale (, so I’ve been rounding up donations for the cause. Our BopStarBaby vendors have been so generous, we’ve been able to fill one of our biggest baskets! It’s going to be the grand prize for a raffle we’ll hold at the Yard Sale.

I just received the June issue of Pregnancy & Newborn - thrilled to see coverage for two BopStar-PR clients! No Slippy Hair Clippy® in the “Haute Tots” section, and Elegant Baby’s silver feeding spoon in “Cravings.”

It’s a gorgeous day here in Nashville – sun shining, birds chirping, breezes wafting - all the windows in the office open. My cat Bradley is lounging around on the stairs, upside down as usual.