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I am pleased to announce Sassy® as the BopStarBaby, exclusive participant in the developmental toys category in the BabyMakes3 baskets for 2010!! Here’s a little additional information on the company.

Hot Moms Club contributor Natalie Klein wrote rave reviews for three of BopStarBaby’s fabulous clients!

First, she was thrilled with the No Slippy Hair Clippy® Organic Headband w/ Spider Flower. Then she fell in love with the new eco-friendly Pedoodles®. Finally, she went into raptures over The Dropper Stopper™. Thanks for helping spread the word about these wonderful products, Natalie - we’re so happy you’re happy with them!

The Dropper Stopper™ also showed up in a feature on “Impulse Items” in Kids Today.

Metro Parent magazine (based in Portland, Oregon) is hosting a BopStarBaby: Baby Makes3 basket giveaway, and they’ve featured it in both their October 2009 issue and their Annual Baby Guide! Next month, watch for Pregnancy Magazine’s new contest; there’ll be a BabyMakes3 basket as the grand prize. Good luck to all who enter!

We’re so happy to tell you that a lovely Honeywear™ organic fabric baby sling is in Earnshaw’s October 2009 issue!
It’s featured in an adorable photo illustrating a story about babywearing titled “Wrap It Up.” This is the first placement for BopStarBaby’s newest participant, and we’re sure there’ll be many more to come!
Elegant Baby®’s new sock set was also in that issue of Earnshaw’s, featured in “Pampered: Baby Products & News”, and Pregnancy & Newborn’s November 2009 issue included Elegant Baby’s oversized rubber duckie in their “Bath Time Is Beautiful” story.

The new Baby Couture magazine arrived in today’s mail. (If you’ve never seen it - get a copy and you’ll understand why I love it so much. It’s like “Vogue” for kids!) Once again, they’ve featured BopStarBaby exclusive participants, and we are thrilled!
The Dropper Stopper™ (, one of the newest products in our collection, wraps around the bottom of a photo spread entitled “Bite Me.” It’s a bright, fun adjustable strap that can attach baby accessories to a stroller or carrier, and this is its debut in Baby Couture.

We’ve got a fabulous new item in the BopStarBaby: BabyMakes3 baskets! It’s a baby carrier by Honeywear™ that combines the loveliest organic fabrics with a truly functional design. This company is making every effort to create environmentally sustainable products right next door in North Carolina, and we’re delighted to add them to our list of participants.

Just back from a great weekend in Atlanta – and almost ready to get back to work….

I just got a really nice thank-you email from Larry Birkhead with these sweet pictures of Dannielynn. She’s wearing the new No Slippy Hair Clippy® bows we sent her last month; he says they’re ideal for a single father who has no idea what to do with a little girl’s hair. I must disagree. I think he’s doing a great job – she always looks adorable!

(With all due respect to Robert Smith of The Cure)

I must confess – I’ve been feeling so guilty for not telling you about my other fabulous cat! Way back when I started this blog, I introduced Bradley - the fluffy, adorable simpleton who spends a lot of time sprawled on my stairs or under my desk. Well, I want you to meet her housemate Janet – who is just the opposite.

We send special baskets full of new product to the media every spring, and we’re already seeing spectacular results! Baby Couture’s new issue is featuring no less than four of our items – one pair of eco-friendly leather sandals from Pedoodles®, one bath toy from Elegant Baby®, and one headband and one hairclip from No Slippy Hair Clippy®. Check it out – Tori Spelling is on the cover.