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We’ve been getting noticed quite a lot lately… And we are totally loving it! Recently, Natalie Klein of wrote a lovely review for No Slippy Hair Clippy. She says:

I am not exactly a big fan of Gossip Girl, but I’ve always thought that Leighton Meester is so lovely! And I absolutely adore that her character in the show, Blair Waldorf, loves to wear those pretty headbands. I think they make her look even lovelier, don’t you?

Well, for moms out there who want their little angels to channel this upper east side cutie, here’s something from No Slippy Hair Clippy’s Head Bands selection.

Show Stopper Large Sheer Petal Flower on Swiss Velvet Band

These are hard times we’re living in today, don’t you think? It’s so easy to get distracted by all the day-to-day challenges. Sometimes, getting through one day can be hard enough! (Not to mention those times when TANTRUM seems to be part of your kids’ SOP.) is a site that is updated daily by ordinary people, like you and me, with real experiences that inspired them. It’s similar to Twitter, except that every single post is inspirational and positive.

Okay, Christmas is SERIOUSLY just around the corner. There’s no denying it anymore at this point. If you haven’t done any gift shopping yet, you may want to start thinking about it now. But if you don’t fancy getting into the mad, mad Christmas rush, why not make the gifts yourself? And to make it fun (or, inevitably, very challenging), let your kids join in! When they see you tinkering with all the arts and crafts, they’d want to join in anyway…

Let’s face it, ladies. Sometimes it’s hard to ignore that perfectly roasted turkey beckoning us to get just a little more. It lies golden on the dining table, the sheen coming from the buttery fats glazed over it. Even from afar, you can almost hear its crisp skin breaking, to reveal the moist tender meat underneath. Ahhh… the holidays.

One of our favorite babies, Honor Marie Warren, was recently spotted looking lovely once again with her equally lovely mom, Jessica Alba. The two grabbed breakfast at Nate ‘n Al’s in Beverly Hills. See that adorable headband Honor’s wearing? Doesn’t that remind you of a No Slippy Hair Clippy headband? Smile

We are so in love with you, Honor! You’re growing up to be one fine little lady.

Image courtesy of Celebrity Baby Blog

Barely a month to go before Christmas… The holiday season never fails to stir up the spirit of giving within all of us. Whether it’s something as simple as a greeting card for an old friend or as grandiose as jewelry for a loved one, gift-giving is never as joyous as it is during the holidays.

But more than anything, and I’m sure you would agree, Christmas really is for the children. So don’t be a Scrooge this holiday season and spread some Christmas joy to them, too!

We have another lovely review and this time it’s from It’s a site that is dedicated to smart parenting and smart shopping and features news and reviews on the latest items in the market for your family, including some really neat baby gear and baby items.

This was actually written months ago, but I just had to share it with you! The review goes:

Kids say the silliest, funniest things, don’t they? I believe that one of the many perks of being a parent is the entertainment that kids provide when they innocently attempt to understand the world around them. Ever wondered how their little minds understand LOVE? Here are some quotes that cracked me up and made me go awww:

What is love?

I think you’re supposed to get shot with an arrow or something, but the rest of it isn’t supposed to be so painful.”