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Ahh the week after Christmas… You are either too bloated with that Christmas dinner (or dinners, if you’re very friendly!) to get out of bed, not-so-bloated and on your way to your post Christmas celebrations, thrilled with the gifts you received, disappointed with the gifts you received, glad it’s over, sad it’s over… Whatever mood you are in right now, I know that after all that hustle and bustle leading up to Christmas day, you deserve a little break!

What’s even better than a hoppin’ holiday party? You being glam in that hoppin’ holiday party, of course! And don’t give me any old excuse that it’s just with some of your closest friends anyway or a bunch of relatives. Unacceptable! You’ve been a hardworking mommy all year long, forgotten to shower several times (admit it), and average only three hours of sleep per night! This is that one time when you can unleash your inner goddess and not have to explain yourself.

  1. Sleep? What is this “sleep” that you speak of?

  2. Shower? What is “shower”? It is alien to me.

  3. It’s 3:00 in the afternoon and you realize that you have not had lunch AND breakfast. And you’re wondering why you’re so cranky.

The gifts just keep on coming Smile We got not just one, but TWO great reviews! This time, it’s from the lovely ladies at, who recently tried out our headbands on their little ones. Here’s an excerpt of what they had to say:

Motherhood is beautiful. But sometimes, the momma isn’t! With so much to do and so little time, a lot of mothers have no more time or motivation to bring out their inner goddess. Oh, come on, you know you have it! It would be quite a shame to keep hiding your best side from the world. What a bleak world we’ll all be living in if mothers aren’t there to brighten it up. Sometimes, all it takes is one uniquely pretty hair accessory (a lot cuter if it matches your daughter’s!) and you instantly brighten up both your mood and your look.

here’s something about Christmas.

You see it, you feel it, you even smell it. It wafts about you playfully in the air. You can’t quite explain what it is but somehow you just know. The atmosphere seems a little cheerier, people seem a little warmer, and sometimes, even food tastes a little better! There’s simply no other experience like it on any other day throughout the year.

What’s a holiday without holiday food? One of my favorites has got to be meatballs! They’re yummy, easy to make and just about everybody loves it. It’s kind of nostalgic, too, as I remember helping my mom to make these for Christmas when I was a kid. Of course, my mom’s recipe is a huge family secret (We have all sworn to secrecy, sorry!) But I recently found a recipe in that approximates hers. Plus, it’s even easier. Since this season is all about sharing and giving, try this out yourself and tell me how it turns out!
Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 20 minutes
Serves 8

Fa La La La La… You know the rest.

Well, ‘tis the season for giving, too! And since I’m feeling a little bit like Santa today, I’ve decided to give away our cutest holiday hair clips for free. Still a wee bit early for Christmas, don’t you think? But since you’re all in my Nice Mommas list, go ahead and enjoy the early gift!

We hear it all the time: eat well, live healthy, lose weight, “be a better you.” Yeah right. Not only is it hard, it’s expensive, too!

A recent article in Yahoo! reports: “Over the past two years, the cost of vegetables, meat, fruit and other high-nutrition, low-calorie foods has increased by an average of 19.5 percent… Our economic outlook isn’t only making it harder to make ends meet—it’s making it harder to make the two ends of our belts meet.”