“Power Brain Kids” Offers 12 Ways to Ignite Potential

Anxious parents sometimes wonder if their children are living to their full potential. Are they learning well? Could they do better in school? In many cases, the answers are “yes,” but in most cases, parents don’t know how they can truly help their children. Learning is a continuing process involving numerous approaches that show that the classroom isn’t the only place for education. The real secret of successful learning is that it can take place at all times and in many situations.

Most children are blessed with a marvelously capable brain. To reach it, it’s simply a matter of accessing and supporting the rich potential that lies beneath the surface. The Giggle Guide® has found a book that helps unlock kids’ hidden talents and strengths: Power Brain Kids: 12 Easy Lessons to Ignite Your Child’s Potential. This new book from international best-selling author Ilchi Lee provides a child-appropriate guide to Lee’s world-renowned Brain Education method, which can help kids develop better concentration, improve their memory skills and instill self-discipline — just what parents need to effectively help their children learn better.

The book is broken down into twelve easy lessons with each chapter focusing on a particular aspect of mental ability, including concentration, creativity, memory and emotional control. With this book, straight-A and struggling students alike are challenged to create a genuinely happy and successful life. Power Brain Kids was developed for children aged six through twelve and is fun, interesting and incredibly helpful.

Power Brain Kids features vibrant design and full-color photography of actual kids to help keep children interested and involved with the lessons. The brain-building exercises and games, demonstrated by a group of Power Brain youngsters, will provide hours of constructive fun for kids and caregivers, helping motivate kids to build both mental and physical flexibility and strength. Power Brain Kids is perfect for any teacher, parent or anyone else shopping for children ages 6 thru 12.

Writer Ilchi Lee has authored over 30 books, including Brain Wave Vibration: Getting Back into the Rhythm of a Happy, Healthy Life, a Gold Medal Winner in the Living Now Book Awards; In Full Bloom: Principles of Brain Management: A Practical Approach to Making the Most of Your Brain; and Know Your Brain, Know Happiness (with Dr. Hee-Sup Shin).

Here’s an example of one of the fascinating exercises in the book:

Bright Eyes Exercise
To dispel eye fatigue when kids (or adults) read, study and work on computers, try this technique: Clap your hands together 20 times and then rub them together until the palms are warm.

Then place your cupped hands over your eyes. Open your eyes and feel the warmth penetrating into them. Keeping your hands over your eyes, rotate the eyes in a circle, first left and then right.

Now uncover your eyes and look up, feeling the stretch in the eye muscles. Look down, and then look to the left and right. Eye fatigue begone!

Power Brain Kids is a great way to help youngsters develop better concentration, gain tools that support emotional self-control, activate creativity and imagination and further reinforce the connection between mind and body — all traits adults like to see in kids. Get on the Power Brain bandwagon and showcase this innovative new book. Try putting a copy of one of the simple exercises from the book on display in your store and encourage people to try it. They’re easy, fun and serve as a natural tie-in to showing off the book, leading to increased sales.

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