JJ The American Street Dog” Saga Continues

When last we met JJ, the canine star of JJ The American Street Dog, he was pulled from the streets and had happily found his forever home with 6-year-old Maya and her family. Maya learned all the rewards of adopting a street dog in need.

In JJ Goes to Puppy Class, Maya starts to realize just how much responsibility any dog requires, as she sets about trying to train JJ to be a good puppy. The beauty of this book is it illustrates many of the common issues young children face when a new pet enters the home. It also shows how Maya handles them with aplomb and learns to fix the problems rather than whine about them. Facing naughty puppy behaviors like accidents in the house, chewing a favorite toy, pulling on the leash, and overall bad behavior, Maya knows it’s time to enroll JJ in obedience training so he can learn what is expected of him as a new family member.

The focus of JJ Goes to Puppy Class is a positive obedience training experience. The training methods described encourage Maya, and young readers, to be gentle and comforting to dogs, especially rescued dogs who may have had less than positive discipline experiences under previous owners.

Trainer Lyssa takes Maya and JJ by the hand and paw and teaches them how to work together in a humane and patient way. Maya learns to understand that JJ wants to please her; he just needs guidance and boundaries to be the perfect puppy. And she begins to correlate JJ’s need for education to her own. JJ needs chew toys just like she needed her pacifier as a baby. JJ needs help learning when and where to potty just like Maya did when she was young. And now they’re both in school learning how to behave properly in society.

JJ Goes To Puppy Class is a beautifully illustrated story that helps pet-loving families teach their children about patience, consistency, kindness, responsibility and unconditional love. This is the second book by author Diane Rose-Solomon, a Certified Humane Education Specialist. If you and your customers are falling in love with JJ like we are, fear not! JJ will be appearing in more books soon. The topics of the next three books in the JJ series are: Introducing a baby to a home that has a dog; Service and therapy dogs; Prejudice against certain breeds.

Visit www.dianerosesolomon.com and begin your customers on their JJ journey.

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