A Pawsitively Perfect Way to Save a Dog's Life!

Too many adorable pooches languish in animal shelters; some are euthanized. Help put an end to pet heartache by buying a limited-edition educational book and stuffed animal set that encourages pet adoption from Operation ResCUTE. The book tells the story of Jingles, a real-life rescue dog who began life on the streets of New York City. Along the way the pup suffers numerous trials, but in the end her life is turned around by a timely adoption. The collectible set comes with an Operation ResCUTE sticker reading “I am a ResCUTER” for kids to wear to show their part in the endeavor.

Operation ResCUTE, a non-profit organization, proudly supports several groups that help rescue and find homes for dogs including the ASPCA, Petfinder, Posh Pet Rescue, Bidawee, the North Shore Animal League, Adopt-a-Pet.com and ruffhouserescue.com. 100 percent of the profits from sales of the book and stuffed animal goes to animal shelters to support adoption efforts. When you purchase the set, packaged so that Jingles looks out at you, you save a dog’s life — it’s that simple. The gift box with stuffed dog and book — the first in a planned series — is available on the Operation ResCUTE website: www.operationrescute.com

Laurie Brown-Nagin, a life-long animal activist, dreamed up Operation ResCUTE to teach kids empathy and explain the many benefits of adopting a shelter animal. Her mission is to educate youngsters and make them aware of the plight of shelter dogs. As kids often drive the family decision to get a pet and are largely unaware that many dogs live in shelters under less than ideal situations, this is a great time to change the conversation. Kids need to know that puppies in pet stores are not the only solution. Adoption is a far more humane approach to purchasing a pup, especially as many dogs in pet shops come from puppy mills that exist only to turn out “product.”

Get on board and teach kids about the benefits of animal adoption. Every dog deserves a loving home; Operation ResCUTE helps you do your part.