Tug and the Tooth” — Adventure Starts with a Wiggle!

Losing a first tooth is one of the most significant milestones in a young child’s life. How do parents help guide curious kiddos and calm their fears at the thought of teeth falling out? Tug and the Tooth by Heidi Whitaker is a new tooth fairy tradition that supports and celebrates children as they go through this timeless experience and helps parents answer all the questions.

Tug is the perfect guide for little Liza, who had a normal school bus ride turn into some potentially terrible news: her tooth was going to fall out! Her dad steps in to calm her and introduces her to Tug, a lovable tooth pillow. A close personal friend of the Tooth Fairy, Tug will keep her tooth safe and exchange it with his fair friend for something special.

Dubious, as children are, Liza isn’t sure whether she buys this whole losing a tooth thing is for her. To convince her, Tug takes her on a special journey to the Tooth Fairy’s castle deep in the land of Tirol. Along the way, she learns a lot about teeth. She learns cows also lose teeth when they’re young. A bear tells her how great it is to see a new tooth coming in, and lets her in on an amazing fact: bears have 42 teeth!

After talking about how strong beaver teeth are, Liza faces an obstacle bigger than teeth. A huge mountain to climb, a treacherous path to her beloved new friend the Tooth Fairy. As she begins to doubt her ability to conquer it, wise Tug tells her she simply has to approach new things one step at a time.

And therein is the lesson for tykes about to lose a tooth. The first step to acceptance is learning what to expect and knowing a special treat is just around the corner.

This adorable gift set is a new Tooth Fairy tradition that makes losing baby teeth a special and memorable experience. Just like Liza’s experience in the book, Tug and the Tooth can become a lovable family heirloom for all the teeth. The set includes Tug, a lovable plush tooth-shaped character, who has a backpack to hold a child’s lost tooth and the beautifully illustrated story. The book itself even includes a page for parents to mark when each tooth is lost.

Stock your shelves now at www.TugAndTheTooth.com

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