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9 Months Up, 9 Months Down, LLC

Presenting the worlds first computer/speedometer designed to fit on any baby stroller. This 8 function, wireless marvel helps you get the most out of what you’re already doing: strolling.

Our inspiration for The Strollometer® came about one month after I gave birth to our third child, Deena. I would often take my daughter on strolls in an attempt to squeeze in a good workout while she napped. Unfortunately, I never knew how far I went, how fast I strolled, or whether my “workout” would ever measure up to the workouts I was familiar with at my gym. Nothing designed for bikers or walkers gave me the information, accuracy or ease I wanted.

The idea for The Strollometer® was born. And by designing it from the ground up, we made sure it could easily strap-on to any stroller- whether it’s traditional, all-terrain or jogging.

We’d love to hear your comments. Happy strolling!

P.O. Box 220369 • Great Neck, New York 11022
Contact: Adi Weber
Phone: (516) 684-9804
Fax: (516) 684-9807


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