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ABC Kidz Designs Inc.

ABC Kidz Designs, Inc. offers hip/urban bedding and home décor products for consumers everywhere. Products offered include Major League Baseball bedding, Negro Leagues bedding, Ebony Dancer bedding, and coordinating wall prints. The company also has a unique line of infant blankets and bedding.

The Afrobabies Collection was created in 2004 with the inspiration to create an Afrocentric themed nursery. The Afrobabies Collection has expanded to include items for older children and new product themes. As a result of this growth, we have changed the name of our company to ABC Kidz Designs. This new name reflects our commitment to producing products that appeal to all age ranges and meet demands of customers who desire more style options. The Afrobabies Collection brand will be carried forward on all products for infants and toddlers. The ABC Kidz Designs brand will be used on all products for children ages 4 and up.

As with our Afrobabies’ branded items, all new products will have hip and colorful designs that reflect the many wonderful expressions of children. Our hope is that these images will capture the attention and imagination of children while providing parents with a unique alternative to traditional products.

In addition to the rights to use Negro League baseball team logos from the Negro League Baseball Museum’s (NLBM), ABC Kidz Designs is licensed to use Major League Baseball team logos and images.

Our products include bedding in crib, toddler, twin, full, and queen sized beds. Our line of originally designed wall prints and accessories provide many options for coordinating an entire room or area of a house or office. By popular demand, our popular wall print images are now available in notecards, shower invitations, and memo pads.

All of our products integrate original artwork by Troy Johnson with licensed images.

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