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Acme World Zoo

The animal shapes that make up the Acme World Zoo were rescued from a dumpster in Brooklyn, NY, some 19 years ago. It took hours to unearth these shapes from the rubble and it took years of working with talented and dedicated friends to transform them into the zoo.

In turn the Acme World Zoo is dedicated to alleviating the needless suffering of animals everywhere. The story behind the zoo was initially inspired by the tragedies surrounding hurricane Katrina and the plight of the helpless animals abandon in the wake of a storm. The story tells the adventure of two kitty-cats, miles and jack (similarities to actual kitty-cats are purely accidental) and how they and their animal friends from shelters and the zoo resolved to cooperate with one another to build a new and better home.

118 North 11th St • Brooklyn, New York 11211
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