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“What began as a way to cope with her young daughter’s death has developed into a successful business for Barbara Meadows.” Barbara Meadows’ mother taught her to sew in grammar school, how to make every stitch, hem and seam just perfect, so the inside of a dress was nearly as pretty as the outside. Barbara hoped she would one day teach her 6-month-old daughter, Amanda , the same stitches. She sewed every day at Amanda’s bedside in a children’s cancer ward, smocking and embroidering dresses Amanda could wear when she beat leukemia and left the hospital in Augusta. Then two weeks before Amanda’s second birthday-after much sewing, hoping, and praying-the struggle was over. Amanda died on Feb.28, 1987.

“I kept right on sewing after she passed away. I guess it was therapy,” said Mrs. Meadows.
A few people bought the hand-sewn garments, then a few more. Mrs. Meadows was pregnant with Amanda’s Sister, Rebecca, and soon a brother, Kevin Jr. Even so, she sewed. For eight years, she sewed, sold and delivered handmade clothes for kids. Rebecca soon had a closet of 42 dresses, a new dress for every month and every occasion.

Finally, a friend convinced her to consider a business. They wanted more than a boutique. “It was time to do what I love to do, I wanted to design childrens clothes.”

4801 Milgen Road • Suite C • Columbus, Georgia 31907
Phone: (706) 568-8897


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