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Amy Michelle Baby Bags

We offer fashionable diaper bags and accessories for today’s busy mom and her baby. We were laughing and talking over dinner one night about things women do: balancing family, friends, and career and staying sane through it all. Somehow the conversation shifted to baby bags. Michelle’s was a glimpse into her life - diapers, bottles, cell phone, day planner, crumpled receipts, everything stuffed inside.

So there we were, Amy, a product marketer, and Michelle, a working mom, talking baby bags. What worked, what didn’t. How they either looked good or functioned well. There had to be something better… something stylish yet practical. Moments later, we were scribbling on a cocktail napkin, designing what would be our first of many bags. It’s amazing what started out as a simple conversation between friends. It’s amazing what women can do.

2215 Ford Street • Golden, Colorado 80401
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