Arte M GmbH & Co. KG Verwaltung und Produktion

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Arte M GmbH & Co. KG Verwaltung und Produktion

The company Arte M GmbH & Co. KG (L.L.C.) has its roots in the renowned brand Moser (est. 1897), a long time well-established brand in bedroom manufacturing. By means of necessity of restructuring, as well as the realization of promising perspectives, Arte M was founded in 1990. At first it was only an offspring and constituted a very dedicated project of Moser’s. The task was to transfer achieved competences into the then newly emerging target market of the “Young Citizen”. Therefore, the Arte M product range was designed to fit these customers’ demands, and to offer high quality, flat-packed, and easy-to-assemble take-away furniture. Due to the project’s ongoing and increasing success, Arte M subsequently became the focus of attention. Beginning in the late 1990, the production focus inevitably changed from premium conventional bedrooms into flat-packed take away furniture and innovative solutions for bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and apartments for young citizens. The extraordinary perspectives and immense growth potential of Arte M finally led to the complete termination of Moser in 2003. Today, Arte M offers an extensive range of modern high quality furniture for any sector (except for kitchen). The manufacturing base Schramberg in Germany’s Black Forrest will persist and, therefore, “Made in Germany” remains one of the philosophy’s cornerstones. Arte M is one of the market leaders in the target segment with the goal to continue growing and expanding in Germany as well as abroads.

Seedorfer Str. 80 • Schramberg-Waldmössingen, Deutschland 78713 • Germany
Phone: 49 7402 75-0
Fax: 49 7402 75-200