Bébé Ravi Collections Inc

by Siamanda Chege

Main Profile

Bébé Ravi Collections Inc

Bébé Ravi Collections Inc., is a mission-driven company specializing in producing hand knit and crocheted children’s garments made from the finest italian yarn. Bébé Ravi, which means baby’s delight, lives up to its name by designing and creating delightful baby clothes while bringing joy to those involved in the process. All designs are the work of Siamanda Chege, a retired fashion model and mother of two girls, who is also the founder and CEO.

Bébé Ravi Collections was started in 2004 when Siamanda returned to her homeland of Kenya and was overwhelmed by the social and economic conditions. She felt compelled to take action and give back to her community in a sustainable way so she started Bébé Ravi.

3555 cote des neiges • montreal, Québec H3H 1V2
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