baa-baa blind

The portable blackout blind

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baa-baa blind

Congratulations! You have found the proverbial parenting Holy Grail. The answer to all your sleep deprived prayers - the indispensable, and long-overdue baa-baa blind.

So simple in concept it requires little explanation, but suffice to say that for any parent who has ever struggled hanging blankets over curtain rails to block light from a child’s room, our travel blackout blind will fast become an indispensable travel accessory.

Because baa-baa blind fits directly onto the window glass using suckers, it gives the closest possible fit to keep out the longest summer evening and shield the earliest dawn from sleeping children.

Helping your tired brood from fighting sleep in unfamiliar surroundings means mum and dad can get the kind of night’s sleep they are used to at home.

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