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Sound Beginnings

Sound Beginnings is the easiest, most durable, and most comfortable way for mothers to safely share their favorite music, sounds, and stories with their babies in the womb. Sound Beginnings’ soft nylon/Lycra band, with its integrated waterproof speakers, is a perfect fit for an expectant mom and comfortable enough for her to wear all day. There’s no assembly required, and the complete device — speakers and all — is machine washable. To ensure that baby can safely enjoy Sound Beginnings, volume output is limited to a level scientifically proven to be safe for listening. No other product on the market allows an expectant mother to play music and sound for her baby that is as simple to use, as comfortable, or as affordable as Sound Beginnings.

7105 Third Avenue #328 • Brooklyn, New York 11209
Contact: David Shin
Phone: (800) 797-0186
Fax: (718) 233-2527


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